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Loading Dock Equipment 101


Delays, damage, and downtime are the things that every company wants to avoid. The simplest and easiest way to prevent hurdles in the task is to ensure the efficiency and safety of your loading dock. This means you need to make your loading dock as functional as possible and eliminate the possibility of any type of trouble. In this case, you need to invest in durable, long-lasting, and high-tech loading dock equipment

In the past, it was common to hear about injuries or damage to goods during the loading and unloading process. Manufacturers are now offering premium quality products to solve these problems and make loading procedures more efficient. So if you want to protect your employees and don’t want to miss deadlines, invest in some loading dock equipment. 

Why Do You Need Loading Dock Equipment?

Loading dock equipment facilitates safe, quick, and efficient unloading and loading of materials. Using the right equipment prevents accidents that can damage your loading dock or cause injuries. 

Though you can find a wide variety of loading dock equipment, you don’t need to buy all of it. Opt for some of the most important things like dock shelters and seals, trailer restraints, and dock levelers. This will allow for an easier loading and unloading process. 

Types of Loading Dock Equipment You Need

Here is some necessary equipment that you need to consider installing on a loading dock. 

Loading Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers, also known as pit levelers, help fill the gap between your trailer and a loading dock of different heights. Note that the space between the loading dock and trailer is one of the common areas that cause equipment damage or injury.

When you invest in a dock leveler, forklifts can easily, safely, and quickly move from the warehouse to the trailer, making loading and unloading less challenging. Also, if you don’t use forklifts for loading, you can go for a dock plate. They are strategically designed to use with pallet jacks and hand trucks. Dock places are also a less expensive and portable solution.

Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

Shelters and seals are crucial to protect the loading items in your loading dock. These types of equipment prevent rainwater from entering the deck. Shelters also prevent sun rays from falling directly on the garage, which boosts the longevity of your loading dock doors. 

There are different types of seals and shelters available in the market- in several sizes, types, and styles. You need to choose one based on your needs and requirements. For insurance, if you want shelters for an energy-efficient solution, you need to look for high-quality, durable, and bigger shelters that prevent external temperatures and weather conditions from affecting loading items on your dock. 

Docks Locks and Vehicle Restraints

Looking for equipment that can protect your workers from falls, trips, and other injuries? Opt for the vehicle restraints. This equipment helps secure your trailer with the loading dock during the loading process. You can mount it with a dock wall, recess, or ground, based on the vehicle restraint you choose. 

If you purchase a traditional vehicle restraint, securing all kinds of vehicles with the loading dock will be challenging. So, it’s essential to do your research well before purchasing a truck restraint. Ask your chosen company how the equipment works and which vehicles you can secure with the restraint. 

Loading Dock Accessories

You also need to get some loading dock accessories. They allow a more straightforward loading process and reduce the risk of damaging goods as well. If you need to load and unload multiple times during the day, these accessories will be a lifesaver. Some accessories that you need to purchase are:

  • lights and fans
  • wheel checks
  • bumpers

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What to Look for Before Purchasing Loading Dock Equipment?

Loading dock equipment is not cheap, especially if you want to purchase vehicle restraints. Therefore, you need to purchase appropriate materials from quality contractors to make the most of your investments.

Here are the things to consider before purchasing loading dock equipment. 

Look for a Reliable Company

Many companies are offering a variety of loading dock equipment and accessories. Do a bit of research and find a suitable local company to buy from. Compare the cost, quality, and services of companies to pick the right option. 

Reviews of the Company

Before getting the products delivered to your office, check the company’s reviews. You can find reviews on personal blogs, the company’s websites, and the company’s social media pages. The higher number of good reviews means that the company is reliable and offers quality products. 

Evaluate Your Needs

All the loading dock equipment comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and quality. You need to evaluate your needs to narrow down specific purchases. Also, understanding which products can easily work with your type of loading dock is important. So, consider this first. 

Get a Quote

The most important thing is to learn about the cost of the equipment. If you’re on a budget, finding quality equipment at lower prices might be challenging. Therefore, before you call a manufacturer to purchase their equipment, get a quote. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know the techniques of purchasing loading dock equipment and why they are necessary, it’s time to find a company and invest in some important products. While purchasing, discuss the type of loading dock with your contractor to ensure you make the right decision. 

If you’re looking for leading loading dock equipment providers in Tampa Bay, we can help you. Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay provides different types of quality products to customers. So, don’t forget to contact Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay for loading dock equipment.

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