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Is Replacing a Garage Door Spring Dangerous?


When you are a homeowner you like to repair things around the house yourself. This is understandable since you want to save money while also keeping your house safe. But you should carefully monitor the problems which you can fix yourself and those where you will need professional help. If you try to fix everything yourself, you increase your chances for an injury and property damage. 

Similarly, going for a garage door spring replacement yourself is risky. Therefore, you should leave the task to professionals. 

Why Replacing Garage Doors Spring Is Dangerous

Garage spring is easily available on home-improvements store and there are multiple DIY videos on video sharing platforms. But it is not as easy as it seems. Garage springs replacement without proper equipment and training may prove dangerous and risky. 

There have been numerous accidents reported where the owner decided to change the door spring themselves. The cases include broken fingers, lacerations and even head injuries. These are serious injuries, which can have long-lasting consequences. 

The reason garage door springs are dangerous is due to the fact that they can weigh up to 400 pounds! They are the largest moving part of the garage door, as they help move it. 

Garage springs are also known as Torsion springs, which are present above the opening of the garage door. Whenever the door is opened, there is huge tension built in the spring. During the replacement, these springs possess a great risk since they are under huge tension. 

There are factors which indicate that replacing garage doors yourself can go wrong which include: 

Injury and Threat to your Life

Replacing garage doors not only increases your chances of an injury but also puts you at risk of death. These injuries are serious and can be fatal. A garage door spring has a high hyper-tension and weight; therefore, you will need to be extremely cautious.

The force of the spring can prove to be so strong that it can cause serious injuries or even death. The help of a professional is necessary since they take the safety needs into account and possess all the equipment as well. 

Buying the Wrong Spring

The spring is an integral part of the garage door which affects how well it works. There are plenty of options available in the market and you may not know which spring perfectly suits your garage door. Make sure to buy the right spring since wrong ones can be expensive to replace.

Poor Installation

Another aspect which can cause the process to go wrong is inaccurate installation of the garage spring. Numerous problems can arise from inadequate installation, including faulty sounds and crooked door structure. The right equipment and skills are necessary to carry out a seamless installation process. 

The process might take plenty of time for you to pull off. That is why we recommend going for professional services.

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How to Spot a Broken Spring

Fortunately, the broken garage springs are easy to spot. Since the door opens and closes from time to time, the spring begins to weaken. Moreover, certain weather factors also play a vital role in hindering the quality of the springs. The simple wear and tear overtime may cause the spring to weaken and ultimately, break. 

Apart from the quick visual inspection, there are other ways to spot the broken spring. These signs include the door getting stuck or not getting closed properly. Whenever you notice these signs, consult a professional immediately. 

How to Prevent Garage Door Springs from Breaking

To keep your door spring from breaking, you will need to keep it in a good condition. You can do so by scheduling an annual inspection for your garage door. This includes all the maintenance and inspection in the plan. But if you live in the cold environment with regular snowfall, your best option will be to plan maintenance twice annually. 

When you hire a service provider, they will help you spot the problems in your garage door and may use lubricants to keep it maintained. Moreover, they will also fix and repair everything that is required. You can also explore lubricant options yourself to ensure optimum performance. 

How Long do Garage Door Spring Last

Usually the garage springs are built to last for a long time. Since these springs require plenty of usage, they are made of optimum grade materials that ensure longevity. Usually, they are built for 10,000 cycles. One cycle is equivalent to opening and closing the garage door. 

On average, you can expect a new garage spring to last between six to ten years. Ever since the houses started coming with a garage, its cycles have increased exponentially. It is happening since the home owners are using garage gates to gain entry. The exceeding cycles due to frequent usage may cause the springs to have small cracks and ultimately break. 

Should you Consider Replacing the Door Spring Yourself

No! As we mentioned before, replacing a door spring will expose you to certain risks which can lead to death. Since the Torsion spring contains high tension, it is recommended that you should not experiment with it. Rather, call a professional to help you out with the problem. 

What to Do after Garage Door Spring Breaks’

The first thing that you need to ensure is safety. Don’t let anyone be around the garage gate since it holds a high risk of collapsing. Make sure to call a professional immediately to fix the spring issue for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Replacing a garage spring yourself can be a bad idea. It holds plenty of risks for injuries and even death. Therefore, you should always prioritize your safety and let the professionals deal with the problem. Take adequate precautions to keep yourself and the family safe. 

If you are facing similar garage door spring problems, we can help. 

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