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Reasons to Install a Hurricane-Rated Garage Door


Some states in the US are more susceptible to the severe effects of a hurricane than others. Garage doors, in addition to providing your home shelter and protection, also save your property and belongings from harsh weather conditions. 

Many kinds of garage doors are available in the market for your convenience and preference. Still, you should always choose a hurricane-resistant garage door to ensure maximum protection for your house and family. 

People in certain states experience hurricanes more frequently than others, so they’ve invested in sturdy renovations for their properties. Due to past experiences and encounters with terrible weather conditions, people living in such areas have already taken permanent measures to fight the effects of storms and hurricanes. 

Keeping in mind changing environmental conditions, no one knows what kind of weather could strike shortly, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of the main reasons you should install a hurricane-rated Garage door for your house:  

Safety from unforeseen weather conditions

The most important reason to install a hurricane-rated garage door in your home is to stay safe from unforeseen weather damage. The planet’s rapidly changing environment leads to extreme weather conditions and atmosphere transitions. 

It is quite impossible to make arrangements right in the middle of an emergency. That’s why it’s better to invest in heavy-duty renovations from the start. When you invest in a hurricane-rated garage door before a hurricane strikes the area, you won’t be worried about it inflicting extensive damage to your property.

Material it is made up of

Hurricane-rated garage doors are no ordinary doors. Because they have to resist powerful winds and storms getting into your house, manufacturers use the strongest material to build them. These garage doors comprise several steel layers to help withstand maximum wind speeds. 

Ordinary garage doors only have one steel layer, whereas hurricane-rated doors have multiple. In addition to that, some garage doors come with layers of wood paneling, aluminum, and insulation. Manufacturers do this to improve their resistance to harsh weather conditions. 

Low Maintenance

Due to the fact that they comprise multiple layers of hard and strong materials, these doors don’t require as much maintenance regularly. Unlike other garage doors, which need constant lubrication and care, these hurricane-rated garage doors can last a long time without needing repairs. 

The materials that manufacturers use to make these doors increase their lifespan by many years. Hence, you don’t have to worry about needing an upgrade anytime soon.

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Quality Oriented

Hurricane-rated garage doors offer more quality because of the high-rated materials in them. They protect your home from flying objects crashing into your house during a hurricane. 

Keep in mind that they can even handle strong winds and rain. Their robust construction is what keeps them going. 

Protection from Water Damage

Hurricanes and storms result in water flooding, and if you have gone through a situation like this, you must know how even a little moisture can lead to damage. Keeping in mind all these issues, hurricane-rated garage doors have the special function of preventing water from seeping into the house. 

Many homes fall victim to flying debris that crashes through garage doors during hurricanes. Installing a hurricane-rated garage door can protect you from such an occurrence. This also prevents you from having to worry about a worn-out garage door after a storm. And that means having an aesthetic-looking curbside all year around. 

Lower Insurance Cost

People who live in hurricane-prone areas have to pay heavy insurance premiums due to the weather conditions. However, if you make some safety arrangements like installing a hurricane-rated garage door, it can lower your insurance cost by a great amount. 

Insurance companies will lower the amounts based on the changes you make to your property. This helps you avoid expensive insurance premiums to protect your property during a hurricane. 

Increased Security 

The biggest reason to have a garage door in your house is to maintain your security and privacy. Surely, no one wants to see flying objects and debris coming into their house when a hurricane strikes. Similarly, no one wants to compromise their privacy, especially in troubling times like storms and calamities. 

Due to their quality and strong materials,hurricane-rated garage doors provide additional security and privacy to your house for trying times like these. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have top-notch security for the upcoming hurricane season can give you peace of mind. Hurricanes cause enough interference in people’s lives as it is, and you definitely don’t want to face the additional trouble of your biggest asset facing significant damage due to the storm. 

So, installing a hurricane-rated garage door can provide peace of mind regarding many things and issues. Once you install one in your home, you don’t have to worry about issues because of strong winds, flooding, and debris. 


Getting a hurricane-rated garage door is the best thing you can do if you live in a hurricane-prone area. It will help you avoid the trouble and financial burden of fixing the damage after a hurricane. We hope this guide will help you understand why it is so important to get a hurricane-resistant garage door for your house. 

So, instead of sitting back and waiting for the next hurricane to hit, contact a reliable hurricane-rated garage door company. 

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