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Is Your Garage Door Hiding Major Hazards?


Have you noticed your garage door has gotten louder when opening and closing lately?

Maybe it takes longer to open now than it did a few years ago. Most homeowners do not take the time to deal with a clearly ailing garage door until it is too late. 

Sure, the door may work but you could be asking for trouble. Garage door maintenance is just as important to your safety as it is to the convenience of a properly functioning door.

The garage door represents the largest mechanical object in your home. Taking safety for granted can lead to big problems down the road. It is also important to consider the role that proper door maintenance plays in the look of your home. An unattractive garage door can make the rest of your home look bad.

Here are some typical hazards posed by a garage door requiring maintenance. If you notice your garage door is having any of these problems or just does not seem right, contact us to help! We are the garage door repair experts in Tampa, Florida.

The Spring System

A problem in many old garage doors is the spring system or counterweight system, which is responsible for the opening and closing of the door, needs an adjustment or a full replacement.

Springs should be replaced every seven years and most people have no clue that this hazard exists. Allowing the spring system to go unmaintained is very dangerous. When the spring system fails, the door suddenly becomes its actual weight – commonly between 140 and 260 pounds. 

The garage door spring system is designed to make it possible to lift your garage door with one hand. Leaving your springs without regular maintenance is a dangerous habit. If for some reason, the photocell fails and the springs are old, a very hazardous situation could arise.

Call us for help with your spring system maintenance. We can help inspect for wear and are the experts at spring system replacement. The spring system should not be handled by anyone other than a professional. The springs are kept at very high tension and can be dangerous.

The Nuts and Bolts

Does your garage door squeak and groan every time it opens and closes? This is more than just a simple annoyance – it may be your door crying for help! 

Check all the nuts and bolts securing the hinges and the track system. If any are loose then they are likely the culprit behind all the noise. You can perform this maintenance yourself by simply tightening any loose hardware.

The Rollers Should…Roll

Rollers should do just that – roll. Unfortunately, like most things in life, rollers can endure excessive wear and begin to come out of shape. If your rollers are squarer than round or appear to be sliding through the track rather than rolling, it may be time to replace them.

If you notice your rollers are off the shaft, call us immediately. Using your door in this condition could cause further damage. 

Metal Parts Need Lubrication

Many of the parts involved in the function of your garage door are metal and put up with a lot of friction. Lubricating any metal part on your garage door – the springs, rollers, and tracks themselves – can help the system last longer and perform efficiently.

Inspect and Test the Opener

Since 1993, a regulation has been in place requiring all garage door openers have an auto-reversal system in place. This system stops the door from closing and returns it to the open position if something passes through the opening while the door is in motion.

If you happen to have an opener that predates the regulation, you should invest in a new, safer model. If your system features the auto-reversal, test it regularly to make sure the safety mechanism works appropriately.

Test the backup safety mechanism that detects a physical object by touch, as well. Place a 2×4 or similar size object on the floor under the door. If it returns to open after touching the object, you know the backup system is properly functioning.

Keep Up with the Times

There really seems to be an app for everything now. Ask for a show of hands at work how many people are sure they closed their garage doors before they left in the morning. Many of your coworkers will probably have an instant feeling of panic.

There are apps that attach to your garage door opener and allow you to check the status of your door – open or closed. This is a great tool for those who find themselves worrying if they forgot to shut the garage door again. The apps also allow you to open or close the door.

It can also provide convenience by allowing you to open the door for someone needing to access your home or for the delivery person to place your package inside. One major hazard is leaving your door open so anyone can get in. Eliminate this threat with the use of modern technology.

We Are Here to Help

Garage door maintenance often ends up way down on the list of to-dos around the house. After reading this, you now know how hazardous a garage door with undiagnosed problems can be.

Fortunately, we are experts at finding and resolving any garage door issues. We can inspect your door and opener for any problems that need attention. Contact us today to gain confidence that your door is safe and will be functional when you need it most.

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