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Garage Door Acting Up: Should You Repair or Not?


There are countless reasons that your garage door is acting up. You might be experiencing a variety of frustrating hiccups in the operation of your garage door and considering that you may need to buy an entirely new one. However, it is pertinent to keep in mind that through extended use and time, garage door parts tend to get worn down and might require replacing. A few of the reasons that your garage door could be misbehaving are as follows:

1. Garage Door Motor Failing Due to Extended Periods of Use

It’s easy to just push a button to open and close the garage door every time you leave the house without giving the technology that allows it to happen much thought. But stop and think for a second about how many times you’ve roughly jammed the garage door button open and ran out closing it immediately behind you just to repeat that action another two, three, four times a day.

After all of this constant abuse eventually something has to give and often times it is the motor. Now just because your garage door motor is failing doesn’t mean you need to abandon hope and buy a whole new garage door just yet. It might not be clear at first what the problem with your garage door is but instead of jumping to any conclusion it’s important to consult other garage door owners and a company that provides garage door repairs.

This is an incredibly salvageable situation wherein all you need is to have the garage door repaired and the motor replaced. Although this is definitely an inconvenient expense it is significantly less than purchasing an entirely new garage door over something as repairable as a bad motor.

2. Broken Garage Door Cable or Spring

If you’ve somehow managed to operate a garage door without ever bothering to look up and see how it works; there are cables that work to lift the door and the garage springs are a source of tension to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Both of these can succumb to wear and tear leaving your garage door seemingly broken.

To begin with the cables; they can either break outright or more commonly they can separate from the track that helps them pull open the garage door. In the event that the cables in your garage door have broken, the garage door repair should be fairly simple and only consist of replacing the cables. If the cables have come off of the garage door tracks this is also a fairly easy fix.

You’ll still have to have someone come and repair the cables and put them back on the track, but it is still salvageable. It might be frustrating if your cables have already broken in the past and need to be replaced again but consider the time of heavy use between repairs.

Another reason your garage door may be acting up or seeming broken is that a spring could be compromised. Most garage doors have two springs. These springs take a lot of the pressure when the garage doors are opened and closed. This is because they act as the counterforce for all of the weight of the door.

Providing the torque necessary to operate the garage door puts a lot of strain on the springs and cause all different sorts of problems to arise on the springs. If either of the two springs is broken it is wise to have both of them replaced. The door could still be very operational with only one working spring but when one breaks the other is also likely to break within six months.

All that is needed for this problem to be fixed is to have the springs repaired and then your garage door should be good as new.

3. Garage Door Controls and Rollers Not Working Properly

You could also be experiencing technical difficulties with your garage door because of the operating controls. This seems like a pretty obvious fix, and it is. Even if you’ve replaced the batteries on the remote control and it’s still not working, you can always upgrade to a new garage control.

The same as the larger more obvious parts of the garage door, the opener controls can be victim to extended periods of use which result in a variety of malfunctions. The garage door openers aren’t just convenient buttons, without them the garage door is essentially useless, unless you’re dedicated and strong enough to physically open the garage door every time you need to leave the house. Besides being able to use a control to open the garage door it is as important that the door is able to open fairly easily.

One of the integral parts needed for residential and commercial garage doors to open are the rollers. The rollers allow for the heavy door to be guided up the tracks on either side and be pulled up. Then the rollers also help in making sure that the garage door doesn’t fall suddenly when closed but smoothly rolls down to a closed position.

These are obviously put to intense tests every time the garage is opened or closed and therefore are likely to break at some point in the lifetime of the garage door. These are equally salvageable problems that simply require minor garage door repairs.

Getting a New Garage Door for a Minimal Expense

It’s clear that if a garage door part is failing, the most cost-efficient way to handle it is to just have the damaged part replaced. But what if a part of the door itself is broken? Included in garage door repairs; sections of the garage door can be replaced with a new part so that there is no need to purchase an entirely new door.

This is great news because it means that your garage door can withstand damage to itself or any of its given parts and still remain salvageable. If it is acting up, having difficulty opening, or blatantly broken, there is no need to spend the money on an entirely new door. Simply invest a little bit of money into having the broken part of the garage door replaced. Those fixes will leave your garage door as good as new for a lot less of the cost.

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