What to Know Before a Garage Door Opener Installation?

What to Know Before a Garage Door Opener Installation?


Every homeowner needs a garage. Even those without a personal vehicle require a garage space to turn into something useful, such as a study room, play area, or workspace. However, when the garage doors start malfunctioning, it’s not only a loss of the house’s functionality but a serious security concern. Most homeowners connect the garage to the rest of the house and use it to access the house directly. Seeing that garages suffer from damages now and then, you should opt for the best garage door opener installation. 

As part of your New Year Resolution, you can add garage door opener installation to your checklist. Remember, a garage door that remains ajar is an invitation to a potential burglary or animal invasion. Check out some of the most useful information below that can help you plan your garage door repairs and opener installation precisely.

Common Types of Garage Door Openers

Do you know that several thousand people are injured every year during a garage repairs or installations? Make sure you’re in contact with reliable professionals who adhere to all safety measures and, more importantly, carry insurance in case of an accident.

Since garage door opener installation is the main focus of this post, we will focus on different types of garage door openers that you can opt for. You have to look at other elements as well.

Types of Garage-Door Openers

● Screw-Driven

This type of garage door opener model has horizontal spinning rods. Professionals place these openers above the garage door. The door opens and closes when the horizontal rods spin due to force from the screw-driven opener. Due to low-maintenance qualities, all you have to do is lubricate them on time, and they are extremely quiet.

● Chain-Driven

As the name suggests, this opener model involves the use of chains and gears. The mechanism for lifting a garage door is similar to that of a bicycle. Although this type of garage door opener installation is sturdy and affordable, it’s generally loud. 

● Belt-Driven

You can think of a belt-driven garage door opener as similar to the chain-driven opener with one slight difference. The only difference is that where the chain-driven model requires a chain to lift and lower the garage door, the belt-driven models utilize rubber belts. Although this option is quite expensive, it offers reliability, sturdiness, and quiet operations.

What Type of Modern Features Can You Opt for?

Other than the garage door opener types, you can also choose a diverse range of modern features to include as well. You can make the garage safer and secure and include automation features as well. Professionals recommend that you consider what add-ons you’d prefer before starting garage door opener installation.

  • Manual Release Option: Think of it as a safety option in case the power goes out. A manual release option will let you open and close the garage door in case of an emergency such as a power failure. Normally, there’s a power cord that you can pull to release the hold on the garage door manually.
  • Security Lights: It’s best to have overhead security lights on your garage door’s exterior. For one, they offer security and provide a guided exit out of the garage when you’re pulling out at night.
  • Safety Features: You can opt for a laser-attached garage space. Lasers and similar safety features allow the garage to detect whether someone or something is on the floor before closing the door. These safety features can prevent life-threatening injuries and high repair costs. 
  • WIFI and Remote Access Features: Who doesn’t want a fully automated garage door that opens and closes on command without pressing a single button? You can add high-quality modern sensors to the garage door to detect when you’re pulling in or out of the garage. WIFI integration allows you to control several garage features.

Factors That Affect Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

If you’ve never had trouble with your garage door before, this might be the time to deal with the cost factors. A garage door opener installation is crucial for a properly functioning garage door. Before you hire professionals to handle the installations, ensure proper cost determination beforehand. Several factors can affect the final cost of a typical garage door opener installation. 

Cost of Labor (Installation)

You cannot ignore the cost of hiring professionals, whether it’s getting a quote/estimate or handling the installation. In simple words, you can’t install a new garage door opener on your own, especially if you don’t have the relevant experience or skills. Professionals help you choose the right garage door opener model according to your needs and budget. To get the best performance out of your garage door installation, hiring experienced individuals to get the job done is the best thing to do. Of course, this will involve labor costs. 

Size of the Door

For one, two-car doors for garages are far more expensive than one-car doors. Therefore, the size of the garage door you select will also influence the final cost of the garage door opener installation. Although standard door sizes are less costly, they aren’t available for several size ranges. In such cases, homeowners tend to go for custom-made or high-quality garage doors.

Garage Door Opener Type

As we discussed earlier, there are three common types of mechanisms in garage door openers:

  • Screw-driven
  • Chain-driven
  • Belt-driven

The type of opener you choose will also affect the garage door opener installation costs. There are various forms of door-opening mechanisms, such as swing-open and roll-up options. So make sure you know what you require before opting for final garage door installation.


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