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What To Do When You Need Garage Door Repair?


You might not face many problems with   a garage door, but the problems that you usually come across can be mind-boggling. Throughout the years, the main function of a garage door does is to open and close. There is nothing special about its operation but if it stops working there can be many problems. It might even become a security threat, which is why if there are any repairs required. Needless to say, you must reach out to the best company. They might be able to solve your problems without any worries. However, it is crucial to know what difficulties you might face with a garage door. 

Is Your Garage Door Making Noises?

Your garage door might be making noises and that can be not very pleasant. Not only is it a pain to bear to, but it can also be an indicator of a bigger problem. If you live in the room right above the garage you might face a lot of problems. Your sleep might be disrupted each time the garage door opens. A good night’s sleep is vital. An expert can easily fix the noise. All you need to do is get an expert to take a look at your garage door. It is a high possibility that these garage doors have jammed hinges because their bearings might have stopped rolling. 

Is Your Garage Door Jammed?

Your garage door can be jammed due to many reasons; the most common of those reasons is the cold weather. The cold weather and moisture can jam your door; this is when you need your garage door to cooperate the most. You cannot stand in the blistering cold waiting for the garage door to close on its own. There can be several reasons why your garage door might have frozen over. There is also a good chance that the connection might have frozen, preventing the door from opening.  If you think such a thing has happened, you should stop banging on the door and turn to an expert for help. 

Is Your Garage Door Worn Out? 

Has it been several years since you shifted into this home? That can mean that your garage door is in bad condition. Worn-out garage doors can be pretty troublesome. If a garage door is not appropriately maintained, it might start malfunctioning within a few years. If your garage door is not working correctly and looks knackered, you might have to get it replaced entirely. Replacing a garage door is not something you can do easily but only an expert can help you out. You can go to a company that not only installs garage doors but also has them in stock. Many companies offer different types of garage doors as per your requirements. 

Overhead Door Is Your Professional Garage Door Repair Solution 

If you are facing any of the above problems, you must reach out to an expert to help you. Overhead Door is a reputed company that can help fix all issues with your garage door. The company has hired some of the best experts to repair your garage doors. These trained professionals can provide you the best possible treatment. 

Whatever kind of assistance you are looking for, Overhead Door can help you. Here are some of the most common problems with garage doors that Overhead Door can help you with:

Broken or Old Springs 

Springs are probably the most essential part of your garage door. These torsion spring doors are responsible for opening and close your garage door. If these springs break away or have caught rust, you might not be able to operate the door at all. When these springs break, they make a pop sound. When opening the door, if you hear the pop sound, contact Overhead Door immediately. 

Worn Our Roller & Bearings 

Roller and bearings keep your door operating smoothly. If your garage door squeaks each time you try to open it, then you might have worn-out rollers or springs. The popping and squeaking sounds are a clear indication that you need to change the rollers and bearings. Alternatively, if they are making a squeaking sound, it is a possibility that they are rubbing against each other and need lubrication. 

Obstructed Sensors

Most garage doors have photo eye sensors that prevent the door from closing on to something in the pathway or if someone is standing. These sensors play a vital role in protecting your vehicles and family from getting squished by the garage door. If these doors do not work properly, they may close on their own, causing you harm. It would be best if you got these sensors fixed as soon as possible. Overhead door can repair these sensors for you in no time. 

Faulty Openers

It is possible that you are continuously trying to open your garage door, and it is not budging at all. Have you considered the possibility that it is not your door that’s faulty, but it is your door opener that is causing the problem? There can be many problems with your garage door opener, such as the batteries might have run out. Or the opener’s transmitter might have stopped working.  

Overhead Door offers a variety of repair services that include replacements for: 

  1. Door Opener Chain
  2. Door Spring 
  3. Section Of Door 
  4. Motor Of The Door 
  5. Rollers 
  6. Tracks 

If you have any problems with your garage door not opening or if you want to get some repairs, Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay is possibly the best company to help you. They have dealers across town, you can reach out to a dealer, and they will make sure that all your garage door repair work is done in the best way possible. 

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