What Is The Right Time To Contact A Garage Door Company

What Is The Right Time To Contact A Garage Door Company?


A broken garage door allows outside air to enter the house. This air heats your garage in the summer, which warms your home and increases the expense of your air conditioning. Your heating costs may increase throughout the winter if a damaged garage door allows in too much chilly air. A professional garage door company can identify and fix damaged garage doors.

Curb appeal is another factor in getting your damaged garage door fixed. Depending on how your property is laid out, people first observe garage doors to rate a house. A broken and damaged garage door can make your home look ugly.

The Right Time to Contact a Garage Door Company

Many homeowners think that they can fix every damaged part of their home. It is good to be confident about your skills and save money, but the mechanism of a garage door is complex, and you might need a professional garage door company to resolve various problems. Here is a quick guide to repairs that require a professional team to fix:

1. Keypad Doesn’t Work

Garages come with different features. Some might open it with a keypad. Others might not. But if yours does, the door is vulnerable to various factors, and the keypad might malfunction. Before fixing the keypad yourself, replace the batteries and check again. Try entering your keypad number again after changing the batteries to see if you resolved the issue.

You might need to reprogram your garage door’s keypad once a month. For instructions on how to reprogram your specific keypad, check the product handbook. If you don’t have the original handbook, try looking up the model online.

If the above solutions are unhelpful, your keypad might be fine, but rather, the antenna is the problem. The motor’s antenna receives the signals from the keypad. Make sure to point it downward. You need to contact a professional garage door company if the keypad still doesn’t work.

2. Noisy Garage Door

Noises from your garage door indicate an underlying issue. If you hear squeaking noises, it may indicate that the rollers require lubrication. Sometimes, the rollers wear out due to excessive use. To maintain the rollers, use a silicone-based lubricant, or hire a specialist for replacement.

If you hear the rattling sound from the door, it is a sign that the component is damaged. You must tighten the hardware, including the nuts, bolts, and screws, to resolve the problem. If it’s a popping sound, the torsion spring can be the issue. Un-lubricated torsion springs make a popping sound every time the garage door opens or closes. Replacing or altering torsion springs can be hazardous and should only be done by a qualified professional in a reputable garage door company.

3. Motor Runs Without Door Moving

Sometimes, the motor may start operating when you click the open button, but your door might not move. It’s possible that the boundaries are not properly aligned with the door. You should pay close attention to the motor noises if the problem occurs when you open or close the door. In either scenario, you must check the motor and resolve the issue.

The garage door may have become separated from the belt if it is completely immobile. You’ll need to adhere to particular instructions to reattach the belt according to the installation system you have. When someone mistakenly pulls the emergency release cord, this frequently happens.

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4. Worn-Out Rollers

The rollers attached to the little axles on each side of the door may be seen if you watch the overhead track as the door opens and closes. The door is smoothly raised and lowered by the rollers as they travel along rails.

The rollers ultimately wear out that swiftly intensify after being neglected. The rollers deteriorate with time from regular use. As the door rolls up, the rollers or tracks soon start creating the distinctive sound of metal on metal.

The pressure exerted by the opener when the rollers are in motion causes the garage door to stall or even jump off the tracks when they are worn to the point where they become stuck. You may need to halt the door at this stage and call a repairman since the door might not be fully open or jerk wildly.

As there is a significant risk of harm from the torsion spring stress, never change the rollers by yourself.

5. Broken Sensor

A garage door may suddenly open or close or stop responding to remote control commands, among other unanticipated behaviors. It can be frustrating, but frequently all that is needed is to clean the sensor lens.

On either side of your garage door, the rails support the optical sensors. The emitter is one, while the receiver is the other. Before turning on the automatic reversal function, you must calibrate the sensors, which entails aligning them with one another and adjusting the amount of resistance needed.

If the laser beam is damaged, the sensors’ job is to stop the garage door from shutting. The opener assumes something or someone is blocking the door if anything triggers the sensor. The door will then instantly turn around and return to its open position.


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