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What Can Happen If I Wait Too Long For Garage Door Repair?

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Notice something a little strange about your garage door? It might be a noise, a weird creak, or a slow-opening door. It might be tempting to put off garage door repair when your door still works, but this can cause huge problems in the future!

It’s important to remember that not all garage door problems cause the door to stop functioning! Some garage door problems create the potential for additional tension and damage, which, if unfixed, can cause major repair issues or even damage to the garage itself or to any cars in the garage.

Here’s why you want to repair garage doors quickly, and what can happen if you put off repairs:

When Should I Seek Garage Door Repairs?

As a basic premise, you should seek garage door repairs when something about your garage door is different than it was before. Water damage, wind, wear and tear, and additional mechanical failures usually show up preemptively in the form of shaking, new noises, or various bumps. If your door begins moving in a way that looks different than previously, you should have it inspected.

Watch For Subtle Change Over Time

It’s important to remember that most people don’t notice things that slowly change over time. If a noise, appearance, or movement is similar enough to the way that it was the day before, you may not notice that the way your garage door opens has shifted slowly over a number of months. That shift may be a sign that your garage door is not working as well that it used to be.

Strange Noises

Noises are one of the biggest signs that your garage door might have something wrong with it. Squealing, creaking, and groaning might just be a sign that a little bit of oil or lubricant is needed. But if the problem is persistent, or if you aren’t sure exactly where the noise is coming from, it’s a great idea to have someone look at the garage door.

The Door Opens Differently

Has your door looked a little bit lopsided? Maybe it opens a little bit slower (or faster) than it used to open. These can all be signs that something fundamental about your garage door has changed. It might be time to look for repairs, or at least an inspection, 

It’s Been A While Since There Was an Inspection

Preventative maintenance is a great way to prevent your garage door from breaking down. If you haven’t had your door looked at in a while—or ever—an expert can quickly help you ascertain whether or not something might be about to go wrong with your door.

What Can Happen If I Wait To Long for Garage Door Repairs?

Additional Damage

Garage doors connect to many more things than just the door and opener itself. The garage door opener and garage door are extremely powerful machines, pieces of equipment which involve heavy moving pieces and usually springs that are under tension.

In the worst-case scenario, waiting too long for garage door repairs can get you in a situation where the garage door causes additional damage to your property. Keep in mind that a malfunctioning garage door can also prove very dangerous for any people or pets who happen to be around.

A Broken Door

Waiting too long for garage door repairs means that your garage door might completely stop working during a time where you really need the garage door to work. The last thing you want to handle on the way to a big interview, important meeting, or long-awaited vacation is a garage door that is stuck or broken.

Do-It-Yourself Fix Gone Wrong

DIYing and garage doors don’t typically go hand-in-hand. After all, your garage door is a huge piece of machinery with a ton of intricate parts and a lot of weight under tension. Waiting to get your garage door repaired can lead to quite a few attempted fixes that cause more problems than they solve. 

Putting People in Harm’s Way

The greatest danger of suspending garage door repairs is that you will put people in harm’s way. Kids tend to not be very aware of garage doors and changes in surroundings, and a malfunctioning door can put them at extra risk of taking on the weight of the garage door. Accidents happen, but many accidents that happen around garage doors could be prevented if all the pieces and form were working properly.

Putting Pets in Harm’s Way

Pets are also not great at noticing their surroundings and reacting to them. A garage door that malfunctions can have broken sensors, a bad spring, or falling door that could potentially injure a pet.

What’s the Benefit of Early Garage Door Inspections and Repairs?

Even if something hasn’t gone terribly wrong, you still may want to have garage door inspections or repairs. Keep in mind that not all garage door problems cause the door to completely stop working. If you catch minor problems while the door still goes up and down, you can get inexpensive repairs on the small stuff instead of spending tons of money on a preventable repair.

Save Money

Minor repairs are a lot cheaper than major repairs. If you get things fixed before they become really bad, then you’ll be able to save money on the cost of repairs.

Save the Hassle

Repairing a garage door is annoying, no doubt. But do you know what’s more annoying? Having your garage door stop working when you’re on your way to an important meeting or a fun trip! Garage door breakages during inopportune times can be incredibly frustrating. When you get early repairs and inspections, you prevent that from happening.

Prevent Additional Damage

The last thing you want is a garage door malfunction that causes damage to something other than your garage door. It’s one thing when your garage door breaks. It’s another thing if your garage door breaks something else, like your car. A malfunctioning garage door is also dangerous, putting people and pets in harm’s way.

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