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Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Rated Garage Door

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Whether it is your backyard shed, a vehicle garage, or keeping your inventory safe in a commercial warehouse or storage facility, garage doors are an ideal and secure solution. However, the stakes are higher when you live in an area that experiences extreme windstorms and hurricanes. 

This is where hurricane rated garage doors, also known as hurricane-resistant garage doors, can be your savior. However, you have to ensure that the hurricane rated garage door you choose has a good impact rating. Additionally, always get professional help for installation to ensure the best hurricane resistant performance out of your garage door. 

Why a Hurricane Rated Garage Door

Opting for a hurricane rated garage door allows you peace of mind when it comes to security and protection against the strong windstorms during hurricane season. These doors are a strong and durable choice for hurricane conditions. Plus, you can count on them for a long and durable lifespan during other weather conditions as well. 

If you are looking for a garage door worth the investment, hurricane rated garage door is the answer. However, if you live in a state exposed to frequent hurricanes such as Florida, you have no other option but to get a hurricane resistant door for your needs. 

How to Identify a Hurricane Rated Garage Door

If you are out in the marketing shopping for a garage door before the next hurricane strikes your area, you must check if the door you are purchasing is hurricane resistant. This also means that the door should be able to hold its integrity if hit with strong wind speeds and flying debris. 

To find out if a garage door is hurricane resistant, you must first look out for the wind load sticker. Typically, you will find it on the inside panel of the garage door. This sticker includes all the details, such as the manufacturer’s name, model, design pressures, etc. 

Google the product approval website in your state and enter the details of your hurricane rated garage door mentioned on the wind load sticker. 

Once you have entered the details, results will appear with the manufacturer’s products that are hurricane resistant. Scroll through the list till you find yours. If the garage door is not included in the list, chances are it is not a hurricane rated garage door. 

WindCode Rating

While you learn how to identify a hurricane rated garage door, you might as well learn about the WindCode rating. This rating has different ranges, such as: 

W1 is for one or two-story buildings with the ability to brace wind speeds of up to 90 mph. The design pressure and test pressure of 12 PSF (per square foot) and 19 PSF, respectively. 

In contrast, W9 is precisely for two-storey buildings to withstand 150 mph winds speed. The design and test pressure of this code stand at 54 PSF and 81 PSF, respectively. 

The higher the WindCode rating, the stronger and sturdier the hurricane rated garage door will be. However, you do not have to always get a door with higher ratings; it is all about your needs, the area, and the building. 

Is a WindCode Rating Necessary

So, your WindCode rating falls between W1 and W9, depending on where you live and the building you live in.

For example, if you live in a one story-house in Florida, it is not necessary for the garage door you are buying to have a high WindCode rating. However, if you live in a two-story apartment or building, your garage door must have a higher WindCode rating. 

Things to Consider when Buying a Hurricane Rated Garage Door

Whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial property owner, you must buy a hurricane rated garage door if you are in an area prone to hurricanes. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but you will not be forking out money for maintenance or buying a new garage door every time a storm hits your locale. 

That said – here are some aspects to consider if you are shopping for hurricane rated garage door.

Always check if the door has proper certification meeting the Wind load code for your city’s requirement. If your house is in an open area or closer to the shores, you will be bracing higher gusts of wind and flying debris. Therefore, always choose a garage door with a wind load rating of W5 or higher. 

Choose wisely when it comes to the style and design of your garage door. You can always ask the provider for advice on what type of hurricane-resistant garage door will fit your home or building architecture. Moreover, your budget will also play a part in the type of door you can purchase while meeting the local WindCode rating requirements. 

You can also look at the options to buy a storm-ready garage door or an add-on reinforcement garage door. A storm-ready garage door comes with reinforced frames and panels, and you can activate them by locking the garage door. 

On the other hand, an add-on model relies on long posts in the floor and ceilings. You can put them in place in preparation to brace the storm, and they are easily removable afterward. 

Hurricane Rated Garage Doors Can Be Energy Efficient

Ask the provider you are buying the garage door from; most manufacturers of hurricane rated garage doors offer insulation packages too. This can be a single skin applied on one side of the door, or some offer a sandwich-style that is a three-layered door with an outer skin of impact-rated metal. There is solid foam injected between the door and this metal layer, giving it perfect thermal and energy-saving capabilities. 

Get Professional Assistance

No matter what type or rating of hurricane rated garage door you purchase, it is always a good idea to have an assessment by an expert in your area. While knowing the wind load and WindCode rating will help you choose the door you want to buy, having a professional to help will ensure apt and safe installation. 

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