Types of Commercial Garage Doors: Know This Before You Hire the Professionals

Types of Commercial Garage Doors: Know This Before You Hire the Professionals


What does a door have to do with your business? While it’s a gateway to enter and exit the office, plant, or perhaps a factory, it’s an investment in your safety. What if a truck loaded with urgent deliveries was exiting the floor, and suddenly, the garage door got stuck with half the truck out? Although an unusual circumstance, you can expect such operational and safety issues to arise at any moment when you’re operating with obsolete commercial garage doors. To help you out, this guide will give some insight into some contemporary garage door styles for the commercial sector.

With proper commercial garage door installation in Tampa Bay, your facility becomes more secure. Find out which commercial door type suits your business’s needs. In simple words, your workers won’t have to wrestle with manual releases any longer, and you can add a coat of matching paint to the garage door. 

Commercial Garage Doors Installation in Tampa Bay

Let’s tap into the popular types of doors for a commercial garage door installation in Tampa Bay. Having the right garage door to be the gateway into your facility can make an impact on all associated parties while helping you maintain a more appealing structure.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Overhead Garage Doors

You may know of overhead garage doors as “sectional doors.” These rise to the ceiling with roller mechanisms. Normally, once you lift the door, it’s parallel to the ceiling or remains vertical until closed. This is most commonly present in modern constructions. Since their roller mechanism is the real point of concern, you can have them custom-made with several materials, such as wood, aluminum, and other metals. If you’re looking for an insulated overhead garage door, you might get it by contacting the right professionals. 

Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors

If you’re interested in making a contemporary look for your modern facility, you can try opting for commercial garage doors that offer a blend of glass and aluminum. You’ll usually notice these types of commercial garage doors around car dealerships, service stations, and restaurants. This highlights the importance of this type of commercial garage door. They offer weather resistance and heavy durability thanks to commercial-grade aluminum. On the other hand, the glass facet of this door type helps viewers enjoy an aesthetic appeal. Consider these types of garage doors if you want to add an exterior appeal to your business plant, factory, or facility.

Some of the most common variants also feature steel, which provides further strength to the structure. A big chunk of the composition is aluminum, which makes these commercial garage doors lightweight. Furthermore, several energy efficiency concerns revolve around aluminum garage doors. 

Roll-Up Sheet Garage Doors

Do you notice how small commercial storage spaces have a roll-up shutter? Well, that’s what the roll-up sheet garage doors are. You will find these kinds of roll-up garage doors inside storage facilities and warehouses. This type of garage door comprises thin steel sheets that have roll-formed guides to help lift and lower the door. Their malleable structure aids in a swift movement, and in comparison to most other types of garage doors, these are quite fast. They are highly suitable for storage facilities because they offer protection, ease of access and are affordable.

You can install these on your business premises easily with the help of the right professionals. The roll-up sheets garage doors are much more convenient for the ceiling as they roll and leave more space on the ceiling. Such a feature also promotes security and looks more professional in a factory or facility with more workers.

Ultra-Fast Garage Doors

As the name suggests, high-speed or ultra-fast garage doors open and close almost instantly. In some cases, energy bills can rise unexpectedly high because of inefficient garage doors. How is that possible? Well, if a central air conditioning system is running and the garage door takes an awful amount length of time to close, the cool air (or hot air) will be lost more rapidly. While the ultra-fast commercial-grade garage doors will help conserve energy, they are also temperature-sensitive to help you store such materials as well.

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Commercial Garage Door Installation in Tampa Bay: Factors to Consider

Now to the final question: how do you determine which type of commercial garage door installation in Tampa Bay do you go for? Here’re several factors that you should run by on your checklist to hire professionals for the job.

Early Material and Installation Cost

Let’s start with one of the main factors that you have to consider. Without knowing the upfront cost of purchasing and installing the required garage doors, you can’t go ahead with the process. Moreover, you have to consider what type of material the garage doors comprise to assess their value. You should stay within budget to avoid financial discrepancies.

Energy-Efficiency Requirements

For starters, you don’t want a commercial garage door that takes forever to close and lets the cool air out in the meantime. You want a garage door that opens and closes instantly to keep the temperatures steady inside the structure, whether it’s a facility, factory, or warehouse. Secondly, if the garage door material is a conductor, you may have to keep the cooling and heating system running for longer than usual. 

Total Maintenance Costs

How long will it take for the garage doors to undergo maintenance? Will a quick routine check cost you more time and money? Make sure you opt for the right garage door type if you don’t wish for your personnel to spend extra time checking the door’s condition. 


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