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Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2019

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Have you been going back and forth as to whether or not it’s time to replace your garage door?

Maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind at all and you were just inquiring about garage door parts. In either case there are many different catalysts for replacing a garage door. Well, here are a few reasons that might be applicable to your current situation that can clear your mind about why it’s time to replace the old garage door and replace it with a brand new one.

A new garage door will benefit your children.

If you have children, the following could be a very good reason for you to invest in a garage door replacement, if you do not then you can probably skip to the next reason. That is unless you know anyone with children and would like to be able to inform them of the perils associated with and old garage door. If you’re familiar with the hectic life of someone with kids, you know just how much action a garage gets.

The obvious cars, bikes, skateboards, scooters, children with various toys in hand, run in and out of the garage seemingly on a loop day in and day out. To keep up with this consistent routine of controlled chaos a garage door is put to the test, constantly opening and closing. This sounds like common-sense stuff and nothing to concern oneself with but the springs on a garage door can get worn out leading to malfunctions and in the worst-case scenario a garage door falling closed.

Sometimes this is solved by simply replacing a few worn garage door parts but in other cases the door itself is worn out and it’s best to just get a whole new one. And even if it is fixable with a few garage door part replacements, having a worn out and potentially dangerous garage door is a great reason to get a new one.

Does your garage door make your garage safe?

The safety of children should supersede the safety of your material possessions but that doesn’t mean keeping your storage items safe shouldn’t be a high priority. Your garage might seem safe because of the large heavy door blocking everything in it from the outside world but that can be deceiving. This is due to the fact that a lot of older garage doors were made out of wood or metals that were neither reinforced nor insulated. These classic garage doors are easier to break into and leave your belongings at a higher risk of home robbery. Newer garage doors made out of stronger and insulated metals make it more difficult for a criminal to break into your garage.

Not only does that work as a deterrent and may often result in the robbery moving onto a different residence to rob, but it could also prove impossible to break into depending on the crook’s methods. This is something to take into account especially if you store valuable things in your garage. Maybe even if all of those valuables are located elsewhere within your home, if you have an attached garage that is now granting the criminal access to your home.

The overall safety of your children from the garage door and the safety of your possessions from the outside world are both valid reasons for updating your residential garage door.

A new garage door will give you a change of scenery.

Even grateful and happy homeowners have those moments where they look up at their house and want to change it or move entirely. All of a sudden, you’re tired of coming home to the exact same scene but obviously it’s impractical to move on a whim or change everything about your house because you want a change of style. However, it isn’t that far of a stretch to simply replace a garage door for something new and refreshing.

This could just mean upgrading the same style garage door to a more durable material and changing its color. Although a simple alteration it can still add confidence and a sense of fresh newness to the front of your home. This could also be a more involved upgrade where the entire design of the residential garage door and the manner in which it operates is changed.

This could be one easy solution to wanting a change of scenery at your home property. Even if you feel a main motive of wanting to improve the overall look of your home might need some justification, it will in fact raise the curb appeal of your residence.

A new garage door can save you some money.

Not only will the affordability of a new garage door save you money, but the update of residential garage door technology can lead to the reduction of some energy related bills. This might raise the question of how a single door that remains closed most of the time can impact electrical bills. The answer is simple, older garage doors allow air conditioning to seep out of your house easier.

This doesn’t just apply to the garage itself as a room but also any rooms that are in close conjunction or above the garage itself. Older garage doors that have been worn out can have the tendency to let cool air-conditioned air escape from your house. Same goes for letting in that cool breeze in the winter when you’re trying to get your home warm.

Newer garage doors come in insulated forms that help keep a consistent thermal temperature in the garage by not letting any warm or cool air escape or enter through the garage door. In the long run this preservation of electricity can help lower the costs of your monthly bills and save you some money.  

These insulated garage doors are also helpful if you’re planning on throwing in a couch or some office space in your garage. Even if the new controlled air simply allows for an improvement to your storing ability by adding some much-needed air-conditioned storage area.

These obviously don’t include all the possible reasons one can come up with to replace their garage doors, but it’s a good place to start. Regardless of where you are in life; a horde of children or looking to set up a personal studio space looking into upgrading your residential garage door could prove beneficial.

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