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Preparing Your Garage Door for Hurricanes


Locals of Florida always need to be prepared for hurricanes. The state can be subject to many serious hurricanes, and many families take precautions to install hurricane-rated garage doors. There are usually two types of storms in FL; complete hurricanes and tropical storms. Since they are a regular occurrence in FL, you need to prepare your garage for these storms to avoid any danger or damage to your home.

Many citizens have experience storing food supplies, boarding their windows, creating bunkers, and stacking on other life essentials. They even go as far as to leave town when the weather forecast predicts an incoming storm or hurricane.

Preparing Garage Doors for Hurricanes 

You can prepare your garage door for hurricanes through various ways, but there are two steps that are absolutely essential. Depending on your current location, you will need to adjust the rating, but other than that, these two steps apply to every situation. 

Get a Wind-Resistant Door 

You can find these ratings in different ratings, depending on how severe your weather conditions are. The best option is to invest in a new garage door that is hurricane proof. These are the most sound and reliable options in the face of something as catastrophic as a hurricane.

The force of the winds puts a lot of stress on the screws and joints of any door, and since a garage door is the most exposed opening of your home, it automatically more susceptible to damage. 

The reinforced and heavy-duty wind-resistant doors are able to handle that tremendous amount of pressure. Choosing a door with a higher rating allows it to withstand more serious storms.

Buy an Impact-Resistant Door

To fortify your garage door, you can buy an impact-resistant door. This door can withstand wind force and airborne debris remarkably well.  

Impact-resistant doors are most useful when you are living in a coastal area. Hurricanes tend to have the strongest impact in these areas, which makes having these doors necessary. 

To get the best one for you, you should consult with a professional garage door company that is an expert with years of experience. They will guide you about the features and ratings so you can make an informed decision about which garage door to get. 

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Understanding the Differences between Tropical Storms and Hurricanes and Their Impact on Garage Doors

Because of the frequency of these storms, most of the residents are familiar with the protocol and precautions that they need to follow. Fortifying your home is necessary for the safety and well-being of the residents.

Each year, millions of people are affected by these disastrous hurricane, and there is a high probability of your houses getting whisked away. In order to fortify your house properly, you need to make sure you are aware of the differences between tropical storms and hurricanes and the damage they can do to your home. 

Tropical Storms Explained 

These types of storms occur where there is a tropical ocean. Over the ocean, there is often a low-pressure system that develops. It’s usually the first warning sign, but it sometimes doesn’t develop. Because of the fluctuation, other notable signs are often used to predict and prepare for tropical storms.

  • There isn’t a weather front. 
  • There is a prominent center.
  • Winds are only blown in a designated area.
  • Excessive vertical air circulation due to the changes in atmospheric temperatures. 
  • Formation over the water with a temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius or more.

The low pressure develops in response to the abundant energy provided by the warm tropical ocean. They have excessive amounts of evaporation, and that takes the shape of a lot of moist air. When the winds crash against the ocean’s surface, push that air upwards. When the developing humid air ascends, it cools down and becomes large clouds.

If these winds reach a speed between 38 to 73 mph, it becomes a tropical storm. Severe tropical storms have high winds and extreme rainfall that cause grave damage to properties and humans.

Hurricanes Explained

If the winds develop the velocities of 74 mph, then a tropical storm becomes a hurricane. They are deadly, and once they start, there isn’t an easy way to predict how much damage they might do. Their wind speeds help analysts classify them into five categories. 

  • Category 1: Category 1 hurricanes do the least bit of damage; they topple tree branches and damage roofs, power lines, and gutters. Their wind speed is between 74 and 95 mph.  
  • Category 2: Category 2 hurricanes create hazardous winds that are capable of causing serious damage, such as sabotaged roofs, toppling trees, and power outages. Their wind speed is between 96 and 110 mph. 
  • Category 3: This hurricane category can cause extreme damage, such as completely removing the roofs off homes, snapping and breaking trees, and causing water and electricity outages for days. Their wind speed is between 111 and 129 mph.
  • Category 4: This hurricane has the power to uproot trees, rip apart homes and businesses, and inflict enough damage that lasts several weeks. Their wind speed is between 130 and 156 mph.
  • Category 5: These are the most catastrophic hurricanes yet. They have a wind speed of 157 or above which means they can inflict unimaginable damage. Category 5 and 4 hurricanes make a place uninhabitable until the area clears.

Their Impact on Garage Doors

When a wide hurricane or tropical storm hits, the garage is the place that faces the brunt of the attack. It takes the pounding rain and heavy winds, and if the door isn’t structurally sound enough, then it will break on impact. If it breaks, then you will have an exposed opening that will allow the storm to breach your home.

A garage is also the most vulnerable opening seeing how exposed it is. Securing the door is crucial, especially if you have a big enough space for three vehicles (which will mean it has thousands of cubic space).

The water will flood and damage personal belongings. The water will also impact the walls and ruin the framing and sturdiness of your garage. If the garage door faces water damage, it takes a lot of effort and money to get it right; most of the time, you need to replace the door altogether. 

This is why taking the right measures and making suitable preparations for hurricanes is crucial. When you forgo preparing your garage door, you will face permanent damage to your home and garage.

Bottom Line

To withstand pouring rain and battering wind, you need to find reliable hurricane-rated garage doors for your home, especially the garage door. 

Prepare your garage door for hurricanes with Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, TM, and rest assured that you will get the best services out with reasonable pricing. 

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