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Modern Garage Door Ideas For A Contemporary Home


Garage doors can take up a good percentage of the front, visible surface of your house. They can also be a critical accent piece for a contemporary home. Most of the front of your house is probably a similar color and style, unless you have something dramatic going on. This makes the garage door a powerful accent piece. If you are trying to build the ideal modern home, you need a contemporary garage door to match it. Here are some ideas for garage doors that will give your home a modern architecture feel:

1. Anything with Glass

Glass paneling on a garage door not only opens the garage up to a bit of natural light, it also makes the garage door look like it belongs on a modern house. If you only get one takeaway from this post, that’s the takeaway: doing your garage door in glass will make things look really modern and classy. You can do large, sweeping squares of glass in a steel or aluminum frame to make it look modern-future and you can put the squares in a black or white frame to make it look modern-luxury.

2. Making it Pop With Black or White

Black and white are great neutral colors that will draw attention to the garage door without making it stand out in a bad way. White brings the garage door forward, reflecting light and drawing the eye, while black will make the door recede, absorbing light and leading the eye.

3. Offset Windows

A popular, modern garage door look would place only a single column of windows off tot he right or left of a garage door. Other models will put a column of windows to the right or left with a row of windows across the top as well. Basically, garage doors are usually super symmetrical. One way to give your garage door a modern pop is to make the door asymmetrical, at least with the styling. And windows are an easy way to do this that doesn’t commit you to something super bold that makes it tough to sell the house.

4. Color

Color is notoriously hard to do on garage doors without making your house look a little bit fake, a little bit like a house built out of a child’s building toy. So color garage doors generally go best with a detached garage, when the pop of color can bring the house and the detached garage together without making the whole setup look fake. If you do colored panels for your detached garage, the color should match the trim or accent colors on the main house.

5. Aluminum Striping

If you want to add sleek, modern dimension to the house without putting windows in the garage door, consider building a door with aluminum striping. Aluminum striped garage doors generally go great with modern style housing. They add a subtle shiny dimension that will make your house look contemporary without making it look like a prop out of a bad sci-fi movie. And that is hard to do with shiny materials!

6. Shutter Paneling

Garage doors are generally flat, excepting any windows and the texture around the windows. But shutter paneled garage doors use a layered wood structure that makes them look a lot more like closed shutters on windows than a garage door. If you have a rustic or cottage style house, this should be near the top of your list. It is a great way to modernize the cottage without exceeding the style.

7. Side-Opening or Faux Side-Opening

Garage doors generally roll or lift up into the air, but you can also get garage doors that function more like gates, opening with both doors swinging wide. This is generally not the most practical build for many homes, however, as the structure of the garage can make this difficult to install. So a better way to do this is to make the garage door look like it is split into two side doors. This can usually be accomplished with symmetrical design and a couple of handles placed in the middle of the door that look like gate handles.

8. Full Wood

Why not skip the windows all together and build a garage door that is completely made of wood? With flush wood and no windows, you can create a door that has a variety of colors and textures or a door that is made out of a simple wood. It lends a class look to the house, sort of like building one wall on the outside out of a brick. By using wood for the garage door, you can add a lighter color to the house which can bring together a side garage door.

9. Thin Striped Windows

Playing off a combination of the aluminum striping and offset windows models, one option for creative and modern garage doors would see the door made out of a wood construction with windows placed in different spots. You can either layer long and short windows, or evenly place long thin horizontal windows across the door like paneling. This will allow your garage to get some dimension and visibility without committing to large, open glass pieces. It’s the perfect combination of security and privacy with just a bit of visibility.

10. Flush Wall

The only thing that is possibly cooler than having a strong garage door that accents that part of your house is having a garage door that, when resting and down, looks exactly like any other wall on the house. It can look really cool to simply have what looks like a normal wall lift up to reveal a car underneath! Plus, it usually isn’t that difficult to create. You’ll need to simply do a solid color that matches the wall next to it and matches the color layout of the house. Getting the top of the door to sit flush with the roof of your house and getting the bottom to sit flush on the concrete can be tough, but with the right design, the hidden garage door is a very modern look.

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