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Is Your Garage Completely Safe?


Modern garage doors feature safety measures that can prevent an accident or other negative incidents from happening. While most homeowners check to ensure their front door is secure for the night, the garage is often an afterthought.

Safety and security should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your home. While it is a good habit to have, more goes into securing and making your garage safe than simply being sure it is locked at night or when you leave your home.

An intrusion in your garage is a scary experience. A few simple steps and precautions can go a long way toward giving you the confidence that your garage is completely safe.

Make Use of Modern Technology

A video surveillance security system used to be an extremely expensive security measure. Now, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere you are – at the office or traveling to Europe.

Smart home systems have made it possible to watch and command your home from remote locations. If you forgot to close the garage door just tell the app to close it for you. Turn the lights on before you arrive home at night. You can even communicate via certain systems, which comes in handy when directing the delivery person to place your package around the side of the house.

Technology goes beyond security and can provide convenience, as well. Many new door systems can sense your vehicle approaching and have the door open as you arrive. This can also provide safety by denying anyone else access to your garage.

Old garage technology, like simply coded door openers, can be a vulnerability. Antiquated remotes can be easily hacked by thieves. If you feel like an entirely new system is too much, you can at least use a rolling code system that changes the code each time an incorrect one is tried.

Strong Doors are Safe Doors

All the security technology in the world can have a difficult time stopping someone determined to force their way into your garage. The only way to ensure the security of your garage is by having strong doors that are difficult to break through. A secure door can provide valuable minutes to police responding to an intruder alert at your home.

Many access doors found in garages are made of flimsy materials or feature glass pane windows. This negates any security the garage door provides. Make sure your garage access door is solid-core and has a deadbolt installed. Ideally, your access door would have no windows that are easy to break through and reach the deadbolt.

Some thieves are crafty enough to break into your garage by manipulating the manual release with a simple coat hanger. Once the release has been activated, the door will easily lift open. There are plastic parts you can buy to prevent your garage door from being breached.

Call us to discuss how you can protect your garage from physical break-ins.

You Play a Role in Security

Garage door security is often compromised by homeowners who make simple mistakes. Even the world’s best garage security system or strongest odors known to man are vulnerable if left open or if the system is unarmed.

You must take your garage security seriously enough to double check that you have taken proper steps to protect your home. Make it a habit to lock the doors and arm the alarm and have fewer worries.

Most newer garage door openers are programmable to close the door after a predetermined amount of time has passed. Consider using this feature and limiting the time to a minimal setting.

Some physical steps can make your garage more secure without installing any fancy devices. If your garage features windows, keep them covered to prevent people from seeing everything you have inside. A peephole or other means of viewing the outside of your garage is ideal, so you do not have to open the door to check what is going on.

Appearances Do Make a Difference

It is well known that most intruders and thieves prefer an easy target. Most criminals spend time casing a community for the homes that look quickly accessible.

A new garage door that is closed is far less attractive to a thief than a run down, beat up door. Place signage in and around your home that indicates that it is secured by a system.

Do what you can to make your home look as secure as possible. This will deter thieves from putting your home on their to-do list.

If you have questions about the security of your residential garage in Tampa, Florida, we are here to help. We can provide estimates for updated security and help install new doors, openers, and security methods.

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