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Hurricane Rated Garage Doors Explained

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Floridians are usually the ones who have to face the brunt of hurricanes brewing all over the world. Their state sees the most damaging hurricanes. Hurricane Ian hit Florida in 2022, and it caused an enormous amount of damage; it has been said that people are still recovering from the cumulative impact of this particular hurricane.

And considering their history with storms, you would think they have an idea to install hurricane rated garage doors. However, many people still feel reluctant about getting hurricane rated doors. If they understood the impact a garage door has on the security of a house, they would immediately contact a reputable garage door company that will ensure the process goes smoothly.

Typically, their hesitation in installing a hurricane-proof garage door is due to their lack of awareness about the door themselves. It is a familiar concept that when someone doesn’t fully understand something, they are bound to feel reluctant. While it is understandable, it is also not in your favor because you won’t be able to achieve all the advantages they provide.

What Are Hurricane Garage Doors: An Overview

A hurricane garage door is an impact-resistant door; they are built to withstand the highest winds that inevitably come with hurricanes and storms. These doors are constructed from vertical reinforcement posts, fasteners, wind lock guides, and various heavy-duty components to hold their own against powerful winds.

And when you live in a location where tropical storms and hurricanes are common, you should get a garage door because they play a significant role in keeping your home safe and on the ground. Hurricane preparation’s most critical step is installing a hurricane garage door. The list of advantages a hurricane-resistant door provides is unmatched; people who have them installed can attest to this fact.

For instance, some hurricane-resistant garage doors withstand powerful winds, the ones that are up to 200 miles per hour. The amount of damage a wind with 200 miles per hour can do is unimaginable; therefore, they protect your home from the most harmful weather conditions. 

Additionally, with hurricane doors, you can also choose to install impact-rated windows; they are perfect for withstanding wind-borne debris.

Overall, if you have a frequency of storms and hurricanes coming your way, you should install a hurricane door. This means that they are one of the most durable and powerfully built garage doors on the market.

How to Choose a Suitable Hurricane Rated Garage Door

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a hurricane rated garage door for your house is not as simple as installing a straightforward one. They are uniquely built and require consideration of two crucial factors. 

If you want all the advantages and secure safety for your garage door, you have to consider these two factors. Suppose you install a garage door without considering these factors. In that case, you will notice that the door doesn’t fit properly, and you may see signs of deterioration soon, ultimately rendering the purpose of a hurricane rated garage door useless.


If you want your garage door to withstand harsh winds, you need to determine what level of winds a typical hurricane brings. If the hurricanes in your area are harsher, you will need to install a garage door with a higher windlode rating.

WindCode ratings are crucial in determining what level of wind your garage door can handle. In other words, the higher the windcode rating is, the stronger the garage door will be.

The starting point for the windcode rating is W1, and the rating ends at W9. Now, the W1 garage door is built for a one-story or two-story structured house; it is meant to withstand winds with a speed of 90 miles per hour. And the W9-rated doors are for two or more storied buildings that need to be prepared for winds of 150 miles per hour. 

Residential Construction

The residential construction is the most crucial aspect when acquiring a hurricane rated garage door. It is essential to consider the structure and the wind level it is exposed to. In more ways than one, the structure of the building determines the amount of pressure it can successfully withstand. 

However, another aspect that often gets overlooked among other pressing concerns is the wind’s direction. Essentially, the wind’s direction is calculated by deciphering the position of your house; which direction is your house facing?

The orientation and structure of a building play a big factor because it affects the wind load pressure. Speaking of wind pressures, there are two types of pressures:

Positive wind pressure

Positive wind pressure is about winds that can push through the garage door and barge into your house, rendering the house unsafe.

Negative wind pressure

And negative wind pressure is when the garage door is ripped from your house, leaving the house vulnerable.

The level of wind resistance you may require heavily depends on your state and area. Here are a few questions you should inquire about. Do you frequently witness hurricanes? What is the typical level of the storm? And, lastly, whether or not your area suffers the worst damage compared to the other states.

Are Hurricane Rated Garage Doors Worth It?

In a summarized answer, yes, they are worth it. If you are a local Floridian or have dealt with these catastrophes, you would know how a garage door allows the garage door to stay rooted. With a sturdy and robust garage door, there won’t be any risk of the winds entering your home and disrupting it from the inside out.

If you have been living in a hurricane-ridden place, you have to install a hurricane rated garage door for the utmost safety and security of your home in the face of such danger. 

These doors will hold off the winds and withstand harsh climates, providing the durability and protection a house needs.

Final Thoughts

When you realize that hurricane rated garage doors are extremely useful in the face of a hurricane and a tropical storm, you will understand why so many people have them installed in their homes. The installation process of these doors is tricky; only if someone is unprofessional and they leave even a tiny hook unbalanced, the entire foundation of the door will become weak. So, hire Overhead Door Company for expert and specialized professionals who will easily take care of everything.

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