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How to Reset your Garage Door Opener?


Automatic door openers are an innovative and efficient tool. It enables you to open the door with one click and lets you drive your car in or out of the garage. But is using this garage door opener safe? 

The good news is resetting the garage door opener is an easy task. You can take help from the instruction manual to reset your garage door. If you have lost the instruction manual or find it too difficult, you can follow the below-given guide. Make sure not to reset a broken garage opener because it can be dangerous, so, in this case, you can get help from a professional.

You may need to reset your garage door opener when your remote is not working properly. Or you may want to remove the code on your keyless entry keypad. However, resetting the opener can help you solve these problems. The exact method for resetting the opener may vary from brand to brand; here is a general guide you can follow to reset a garage door opener. 

Safety Standard for Automatic Residential Garage Door Operators states that it is significant to reset garage door openers from time to time to ensure security. 

Why Need to Reset Garage Door Opener?

Resetting your garage door opener from time to time is crucial. It could be helpful if you lost your garage door opener. 

New technology has introduced further advancement and opened new ways for improvement, but some people also use it negatively. Hacking is one of the most common things that people use these days. You should reset your garage door opener to protect yourself from hacking technology in wireless appliances. 

Hacking can work when you push the button on the garage door opener. It sends a signal through unsecured wireless technology to your garage door opener. A hacker can detect that programmed signal in seconds to access your property. 

Once they get information, they use it in the wrong way by duplicating it. Then they keep an eye on your valuable belongings in the garage, can keep a record of your visitors, even enter through your garage when you are away. 

Reset Garage Door using Opener Unit

You can reset your garage door opener using the garage opener unit installed in your garage. 

  1. Locate the Learn Button
  • What you need to do first is find the button inside the newer garage opening units named ‘Home’ or ‘Learn.’ Use the button for resetting the opener.
  • You will see another button next to it; the LED has different colors depending on the brand. It may be purple, green, orange-red, and yellow.
  • You need to open the door of the opener unit to use the ‘Learn’ button. You can usually find the button next to the unit’s antenna.
  1. Remove Remote Controls and Keypads

Now press the ‘Learn’ button for a few seconds or until the LED light turns off. It will automatically reset the opener and remove all keypads and remote controls connected to it.

  1. Check if the opener has Reset

You can know you have reset the opener when the bulb inside the opening unit flashes. Now open the garage door using keypad or remote control.

How does Garage Door Opener Works?

Previously, the old garage door openers rely on radio frequencies and DIP switches. There are the latest wireless garage door openers today. So, they can work through programming. Besides, multiple openers can open all doors in one home. Suppose the frequency or wireless signal of your garage door opener interferes with any other household devices. In that case, it is time to reset it.

Nevertheless, you can check whether you have an older or newer model by checking the central unit. Either it will have a series of switches or a button ‘Learn’ or ‘Home.’ If your opener has a control unit on the inside, you have a newer model. If it has switches, you may need to reprogram accordingly. 

In addition, if you have an older model, the opener may have a dual in-line package (DIP) to operate the system. The systems work through frequencies, while the newer system works through wireless signals.

How to Reset Garage Door Opener with DIP System?

The DIP system has a remote to connect the garage door opener with switches on the small and the central unit. You can check the switch position to see if it matches by removing the outer cover. If they do not match, you can use a pen or pencil to make them identical by sliding the switches on the remote. After completing the setup, you can check if it works properly.

Resetting your Garage Door Opener is Easy

Your garage door opener is part of your home security system. Suppose you are facing a security issue with your opener. In that case, you should reset it immediately to protect yourself from any potential damage. Garage door openers have many benefits that ensure easy access, control, and high security. 

With the latest technology, it is now easy to reset your opener with the help of the above simple steps. Several brands offer the best garage door opener to maximize security. But you do not need to have any technical knowledge to reset the opener. Instead, the process is simple and easy, that you can do it yourself easily. 

Take Away

Resetting an electrical garage door opener is essential to increasing your security and gives you complete peace of mind. It is easy to reset and allows complete control while improving security. Garage door openers have different features, so you must consider all features thoroughly before choosing the best for you. 

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