How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost in Tampa, FL?

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost in Tampa, FL?


Having a garage is a luxury. You have extra storage for items that may not have another place in your home, and you also have a place to park your cars out of the weather. Whether you have a detached or an attached garage as part of your home, it is not something to take for granted. 

However, there are times when you are going to need a garage door repair. When that happens, you are going to want to know the cost of garage door repair so that you can plan for it. Depending on the type of repair, it is not always cheap.

If you are ready to learn more, keep reading to learn more about different garage door repair costs. 

Garage Door Repair Cost Breakdown: Type of Repair

The first thing you need to figure out is the type of repair that you’re dealing with. There’s actually not just one way that a garage door may break. You may simply dent the garage door, or you may need an entire panel replacement.

Here’s a bit more of a breakdown of the types of repairs.

Panel Replacement 

Replacing a panel is one of the more expensive projects. The garage door repair cost is much larger and requires more labor. You can expect to spend anywhere between $350 and $1500.

It is also important to note that it may be hard to find a matching panel because there are unique styles and colors that garage door makers create. When that is the case, you may need to replace the entire door which brings your price to be almost double. 

Dent Repair

It’s quite common for a garage door to get a dent in it. Whether you are backing up in the garage without the door open by accident, or trying to turn around your driveway and push it a little too close, it happens. Luckily, this type of garage door repair is on the lower end of the cost spectrum and will only cost a couple hundred dollars to fix.

However, keep in mind that the type of material that the garage is made of will also dictate the price. While fiberglass may be the easiest type of garage door to repair, you may have a wood garage door that splinters instead of dents. That’s an entirely different type of repair (and a more difficult one) even though it is caused by the same thing.

Glass Replacement 

If you have a garage door that has windows and one of them breaks, you want to replace this as soon as possible because it can be a safety risk. Luckily, this is not a difficult replacement, and it is one that you can often do yourself. However, if you’re uncomfortable with that, hiring a professional will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Remote Repair or Replacement 

When it comes to your garage door remote, you want to make sure that it is working. Sometimes, all you have to do is replace the batteries. However, there are bigger issues that may be happening as well.

You can either buy replacement for a few hundred dollars or you can hire a professional to try to repair it, which also runs about a few hundred dollars.

Replacement of Parts

Sometimes, your garage door may just need a replacement part. Depending on the part, the price ranges.

There are several different parts that you may need to replace when it comes to garage repair. You may need to replace a bracket, a cable, chains, rollers, the garage door sensor, or springs.

Brackets run around five dollars while springs may run you about $500 with repair and labor. The parts are usually less expensive, but if you have a professional install them, you are looking at labor cost as well.

Garage Door Repair Cost Breakdown: Door Type

When it comes to garage doors, there are so many different types that you can choose from. Depending on the type that you have, the cost of repair is going to differ.

Let’s dive into the different types.


A one-panel garage is most commonly found on a two-car garage. It is a simple design, however, it tends to need replacement more than it does repairs. This often runs around $1000.


The tilt-up design is a popular replacement for the one-panel design. It adds another dimension to your garage door and to your home as a whole. However, because it moves in a different way, it is prone to needing more replacements.

This means that you may need to spend more money on garage door repair with this type of door than other types.


Carriage doors are popular for many homes in the United States. There are not as many parts to them so they are easier to fix. However, if you do need a replacement, it tends to be more expensive and can range from a couple thousand dollars to $10,000.

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Garage Door Repair Cost Breakdown: Materials

Not only do you have to consider the type of garage door and the repair that you were doing, but the materials that you were using are also important when it comes to the price breakdown. Keep this in mind so you know how much you could potentially be spending on repairs.


Fiberglass garage doors are one of the cheaper options. Even though they are cheaper, they are quite durable and will not split. They can also withstand more extreme temperatures.


Although the look of wood is great, it is one of the most expensive garage door materials that you can work with. It is more common for it to split or crack, and these damaged areas are harder to repair. That means a lot of the time, you are looking at a replacement instead of a repair. 


Although metal doors are quite strong, the inevitable will happen where you will need some type of repair.

The repairs for metal garage doors time to be a couple hundred dollars.

Other Cost Considerations With a Garage Door Repair

When you repair your garage door, it is best to know everything that could be a cost in the process. One of the biggest considerations to know about is that it will cost more if it is an emergency repair. An emergency repair happens when the garage door is a risk for the people living in the home.

This is the case you will have to pay more for same-day repair versus waiting a couple of days or a week.

When you repair or replace your garage door, you may also opt for other enhancements. This will cost more as well.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Garage Door Service Company

There are many things that you can repair yourself in your home, but the garage door is not one that you should mess with. Garage doors tend to be a couple hundred pounds, so it can be quite dangerous to work with. If you do not know what you were doing, you can actually cause more damage than you had in the first place.

Calling a professional to do the work for you will save time and money as well as any stress around the entire project. A professional will also be able to tell you what other maintenance the garage door may need, and can possibly do it for you during their visit so that you do not have to worry about it in the future. 

Full Garage Door Repair Costs

When it comes to deciding what type of garage door you want, or when it comes to budgeting in case you need garage door maintenance, it is important to have a full knowledge of garage door repair costs. The costs are going to differ based on the type of material, the type of repair, and the type of garage door that you have in general. Knowing all of this information will allow you to be prepared if something happens.

If you have noticed that there’s something wrong with your garage door or have been putting off the repair, it is best to get it over with so that it doesn’t get worse. The longer you wait, the more something else has the likelihood of breaking or getting more damaged. 

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