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Garage Door Problems: Should You Repair or Replace?

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If your garage door seems to be having an issue, no matter how insignificant, it may be signaling a greater problem. The question is, will the problem be fixed with a repair or will it require a new garage door?

Let’s look at common issues that require professional repair or a full garage door replacement.

Problems a Professional Can Repair

The moment your garage door doesn’t open is a frightening one. Thoughts of expenses run through your head as you assume it will need to be replaced. Fortunately, many instances allow a simple repair to get your door moving again.

If your door will not open or close, do not assume the worst. Surprisingly, a sudden lack of function could be a good sign. First, a surprise problem is likely not caused by years of damage. 

There are some steps you can take before calling a professional if your garage door suddenly stops cooperating. 

Check the Remote Batteries

The easiest way to determine if you are having a remote issue is by pressing the interior door open/close button. If the door responds to the button, you likely need a simple battery replacement in your remote. 

Check for Blockages

Check the photo-eye for disruption, as anything blocking its signal will keep the door from closing. Also, check the tracks for debris that may be blocked the door from rolling correctly.

If you have checked these two items out and are still experiencing issues, give us a call. Our expertise will allow us to diagnose the problem quickly, which is important when your car is stuck inside!

If your door feels heavy or sounds like it is straining the opener, call for help. Heavy doors are an indicator of a broken or failing spring. The springs help the opener lift the garage door. They are also beneficial when you need to manually open your garage door, as it would be difficult to lift otherwise.

Failing springs are a concern because they can snap, creating a dangerous situation for anyone nearby. Garage door spring systems are easy to repair – for professionals. Spring problems are not something an amateur should try to fix on their own.

If you notice one of your garage door panels is damaged, call for a repair immediately. Panel damage is one of those problems that will fester and grow if left untreated. Leaving a panel damaged can lead to other panels becoming dysfunctional.

Most garage doors have panels that can be easily replaced by a professional. The manufacturers often sell individual panels for quick fixes. Do not let the problem linger, as replacing multiple panels becomes just as expensive as replacing the entire door.

No one likes a saggy garage door. Close your door halfway. Does one side hang lower? If so, you may have some imbalance in your door. This can lead to strain on the garage door opener and bigger problems down the road.

A sagging door with one side hanging lower than the other is often a sign of spring failure. The stress put on the lifting motor will be increased significantly over time. We can quickly fix this problem, typically by replacing the springs and hanging the door again.

Problems that Might Require a Replacement

Some issues go beyond repair and require a professional to install a new door for your garage. Here are a few common problems that might lead to choosing a new garage door.

If your garage door has been experiencing problems for a long time, the wear and tear may have caused permanent damage. Chronic problems often signal a door that is beyond repair.

Garage doors seem simple but the heavy, mechanical nature of them puts a lot of pressure on individual parts when something is amiss. The slightest imbalance can destroy the garage door opener and other pieces of the system over time. 

Sometimes it is physically obvious that your garage door needs replacing. If you can spot significant damage to your door, it will likely need to be replaced. There comes a time when trying to repair the door is more costly than simply replacing it.

This is a great time to remind you to fix damage-related problems immediately. The longer an issue persists, the more subsequent damage can occur. If you notice a small problem, give us a call at (813) 885-3667 as soon as possible.

Even garage doors cannot escape the effects of time. We all age and wear out over time. The same goes for your garage door. Garage doors absorb a lot of wear and tear from opening and closing hundreds of times. Their external surface also takes a beating from the elements every day. 

Garage doors can be repainted and refurbished to an extent, but eventually, most will need a replacement. The good news is a new door means a fresh look, better features, and updated security.

Speaking of security, if your door has fallen victim to a break-in it will need to be replaced. A break-in is one of the scariest and most intrusive events a homeowner can endure. The aftermath is no better. 

If an intruder forced your garage door open by bending it at any point, it is best practice to replace the entire door. If a break-in has occurred via your garage, you will likely want to upgrade to a more secure option anyway.

If your door is loud or inefficient, an upgrade is appropriate. If your garage door wakes up the entire neighborhood when you leave in the morning, a new door can help. Older doors and lifting systems can be terribly energy inefficient, as well.

A new door will lower the energy used to lift and lower the door and can improve the weather-resistance of your garage. A weatherproof garage is essential to lowering heating and cooling bills.

If your garage door is unsafe, replace it immediately. New doors have government-mandated safety features installed. Older models can be found without these features.

If you purchase a home with an older garage door or know yours has been there for a long time, consult a professional about what safety features it has. In most cases, a new door is advisable because the cost of adding these items can be more than a new door. 

The Last Word on Garage Door Repair and Replacement

A step-by-step tutorial for virtually every task around the home can be found on YouTube. Unfortunately, while these guides are helpful in many instances, they can lure homeowners into taking on repairs that are best left to professionals.

The time, energy, and cost spent on do-it-yourself repairs can sometimes go to waste if the job is done poorly. Keep this in mind as we discuss whether or not to repair or replace your garage door. In any case, garage door fixes are best left to the professionals. 

Call Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, the garage door experts today to get advice on how to handle your garage door problems (813) 885-3667.

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