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Essential Commercial Garage Door Accessories


Your commercial garage door is a gateway to your business, a means of restocking supplies, and a business booster in Tampa Bay, FL.

You need suitable garage door accessories to keep things working smoothly.

With a thriving business, you will open your commercial garage door dozens of times daily. Over the weeks, months, and years, this motion takes a toll.

So, what garage accessories do you need? How useful are they? And are they worth it?

Read on to decide for yourself.

Garage Door Accessories for Fire Safety

Fire safety devices integrated into your garage door system protect you and your business. When triggered, they activate a timer, close the door, and keep the fire contained. Insulated and fire-safe doors are the best solution.

You can adjust the time delay to allow enough time for your team to exit. A manual override is essential and ensures no one is left behind. The backup power stops the door from closing during an outage.

Fail-to-close safety timers make sure everything is sealed. An alarm will sound when the device activates, alerting your team that they need to exit.

Remote Control and Radio Transmitters

Depending on your needs, you may choose to distribute radio transmitters to your team. These can transmit over multiple frequency bands to control your garage door from a distance.

You can set the proximity needed to activate your garage door. You could also install your transmitter or remote in a company vehicle. This saves you from searching for it or wasting time trying to access your property.

Multiple frequency bands stop you from opening the wrong garage doors by mistake. You can use a different frequency for each area and door. This helps compartmentalize access and keeps things organized.

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Security Barriers to Protect Your Business

Telescopic security barriers prevent the unauthorized removal of your stock. The best barriers are incredibly durable and can withstand forceful entry attempts.

Most security barriers come paired with an alarm, triggered if someone tries to tamper with the system. These can be 130-decibels or more. You and your team will be alerted without fail.

Look for extended warranties and extensive independent testing. Whether you have machinery, motor vehicles, or large equipment, security barriers are a must-have garage door accessory.

Egress Activation Switches

These give you manual control of your garage door in case of remote failure and for added security. A manual override helps keep your team safe too.

You can choose classic red push-pull bottoms, common in most warehouses. These give you instant access and are designed to be as easy to use as possible. Some Egress buttons have a timed delay function for safety.

Another option is a key switch. This offers manual control for maintenance and testing. To meet safety compliance standards, it should be paired with a push-pull button to allow easier, keyless opening.

Egress switches must meet certain safety standards, as they often control fire exits and other emergency access points. You can be safe in the knowledge that your Egress switch is safety-tested.

Security Keypad with Wireless Compatibility

Boost security by removing the need for a physical key. A security keypad keeps your business safe, and the latest models offer WIFI connectivity too.

WIFI enables you to control multiple commercial garage doors from the same terminal. This saves time and lets you work with fewer team members. You can use different codes for each door.

Ensure your keypad is weather-proof with an IP65 or IP66 Impress rating. Commercial keypads should have tamper-resistant technology and one-touch closing buttons.

WIFI systems let you monitor your garage door when you’re away. You can check everything is secure when you’re on holiday and have your team ready to respond if things look suspicious. You will be notified immediately.

Safety Beam System and Bottom Edge Sensors

Door injuries are one the most common work-related accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration records many of these.

A safety beam system uses infrared light to monitor the proximity of objects to your garage door. When an object or person blocks the beam from crossing the doorway, the system prevents it from closing.

Bottom-edge sensors detect when an object prevents your garage door from closing. This system stops and reverses the door to prevent injury.

Timed Closing Modules for Commercial Garage Doors

Sometimes mistakes are made, and you may forget to close one of your commercial garage doors. Easy done! A timer keeps things secured, and you can pair it with your other opening systems, like safety beams.

Automatical closing modules are easy to install and often cheap to buy. The technology is time-tested and efficient. You can program your door timer to activate a set time after an egress button is pressed, for example.

You may also choose to pair your timer with your remote transmitters and keypad entry controls. This combination gives you a range of access methods, and it helps to secure your interior equipment.

Backup Battery for Your Garage Motor

Weather extremes, accidents, or electrical issues could leave you needing emergency power. A battery acts as an emergency power source to power your garage motor in your door opener. You can keep things moving.

Modern portable power systems are durable and compact, so they won’t get in your way. They are easy to install and when used as backups, last long enough to let you focus on your business priorities.

Coupled with an efficient door opener motor, energy-efficient batteries help cut your commercial energy costs.

Make Your Commercial Garage Work Harder for You

Quality garage door accessories can enhance your day-to-day operations. Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay can help you find the ideal doors and accessories for you.

Our family-based team has fitted over 1 million doors since 1950. Our Greater Tampa reputation speaks for us.

We offer a range of commercial overhead garage doors. From rolling steel to aluminum glass to Thermacore insulation, we’ve got what your business needs.

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