Does Your Garage Door Require a Repair? – When’s the Right Time to Replace It?

Does Your Garage Door Require a Repair? – When’s the Right Time to Replace It?


It must feel frustrating to hear the garage door creak when you open and close it, right? Like you, most people use the garage door as a front to enter the house. But, with a non-functioning garage door, you end up having to take a longer route to your house’s front door. You can solve that problem and many others by repairing your garage door on time. Most homeowners are reluctant to get their garage inspected and repaired until they come across broken parts or safety hazards that can cause injuries. For your information, getting a garage door repair isn’t that difficult.

By contacting the right garage door repair company, you can solve all your garage complications involving different types of components.

Garage Door Repairs: When Do You Most Commonly Need It?

Here’s when a garage door most commonly requires repairs. A word of wise from professionals, make sure you get early repairs to prevent expensive replacements and large-scale repairs.

A Creaking Garage Door

You might think that a creaking door is normal in every other house. But, do you know that a creaking garage door can signal a range of problems, some of which require instant repairs? When the garage door starts making noise, it can disturb the family inside the house and those living as neighbors. In case you hear unusual or loud noises from your creaking garage door, here’s what you should know.

  • It could mean that the garage door isn’t balanced in motion
  • The grating garage door could be the result of bent coils
  • The garage door may have loose support rails and chains
  • There could be poor lubrication issues, which can break several moving parts
  • Spring tension might be rigid, leading to breakage of rails and chains
  • Insufficient power to the garage door could be the cause of excessive strain

Most homeowners require a quiet garage door that lets them move in and out with ease. You can acquire such effectiveness and efficiency by getting a good garage door repair. Besides, nearly 16 percent of garage injuries are a result of falling doors.

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Non-Functioning Garage Door (Opening and Closing Faults)

Does your garage door make a lot of noise and get stuck several times before fully opening? Make sure to check for a faulty remote control. Most of the time, the reason behind a garage door opening and closing malfunction is either due to a damaged remote or wall panel. Sometimes, it’s the result of a malfunctioning garage door or disconnected switch. But, to make sure that it isn’t a faulty wall panel or off-track door entirely, reach out to the professional garage door company Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay. 

Untimely Response from Automated Garage Door

Rushing out of the shower, dressing quickly, and running down the stairs to get to your car because you’re late for work is a critical process. But, do you know what’s more stressful? An unresponsive garage door. You want to get somewhere in your car very fast, and the garage door just won’t open when you press the remote control switch. That’s something you should get checked out by professionals instantly.

You’ll thank the professionals later when you’re in an emergency, and the garage door opens right when you need it to. An unresponsive garage door could be due to opener cords, bad rollers, and corroded pulleys, depending on what type of garage door you’ve got. 

Garage Door Roller Problems

Garage doors can go off-track because of roller problems. This can cause the door to tilt when opening or not close when you have used all available options on the control switch. Normally, this occurs when the garage door is old and doesn’t offer the same efficiency as before. Once they dislodge from their tracks, there aren’t many DIY options to remedy the roller problems on your own. So, call a professional company like Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™. Remember, a garage door that doesn’t open or close properly is an open invitation to burglars! 

Sagging Garage Door and Mold Issues

Firstly, you should know that when you have a garage, testing it for balanced movements (garage doors) is necessary. You should do so once or twice every year. Secondly, you must know that harsh weather conditions can affect your garage door, walls, and ceiling. For instance, when excessive floor water comes in contact with your garage door, it can cause sagging and heavy moisture buildup inside your garage. This can also give rise to mold infestations. Furthermore, when the garage door starts sagging, it can cause additional pressure on the rollers due to increased weight, causing it to go off-balance. 

When’s the Right Time to Get Garage Door Replaced?

The best time to replace your garage door is when repairs are frequent and don’t last long. By talking to the best garage door repairing and replacing professionals you can acquire the necessary services. Here’s a list of repair issues and garage door problems that hint towards a prompt replacement for your house’s safety and proper garage usage.

  • It makes a lot of noises and sounds resembling breakage of several parts when opening or closing
  • It requires the same repairs every week or month
  • It shows signs of structural damage and risks of falling down
  • It doesn’t conserve energy (inefficient energy consumption)
  • It doesn’t allow you to create an appealing house exterior (house décor requirements)
  • It indicates the simultaneous breakage of several panels 
  • Professional inspection reveals underlying issues and hidden problems in garage door mechanics 


You shouldn’t risk the safety of your family and house because of a faulty garage door. It’s best that you stay up to speed with modern options to make your garage door weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and robust against tough impacts (trees, burglars, etc.). Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™ can help you get the best garage door repairs in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg FL and surrounding cities. You can rely on professionals to assess the condition of your garage door and let them choose the best option for your safety.

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