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Common Garage Door Repairs That You May Need


The ideal lifespan of a garage door can be 30 years only if it’s kept under ideal weather conditions and constant maintenance. However, because many factors contribute to a garage door’s damage, you will likely need garage door repair soon. This usually happens because of a lack of maintenance, wavering weather conditions, or an accidental leak in the garage.

You need to hire a reliable company that can afford you efficient work and guaranteed services. While there are many garage door repair companies, only a few can provide the excellent repairs that last.

Speaking of repairs, people can often struggle to choose which ones they need. It’s easy to get confused, considering only some professionals can understand the repairs and judge which one you may need.

Common Garage Door Repairs that You May Need

Considering there are multiple types of repairs, you should learn about them to identify the problem immediately. With the help of this guide, you can recognize the first signs of a problem and hire an expert garage door repair company with years of handling these situations.

Broken Springs Repair 

One of the most common types of repairs is broken springs in the door. It’s because almost every door suffers from this repair over the years. When a particular period has passed (typically 10,000 cycles for extended springs and 15,000 cycles for the torsion springs), they can seriously wear down.

Eventually, the garage door’s springs break, and this makes the door inoperable, and then it will need immediate repair.

Considering how dangerous it is to change the springs, you should hire a company that provides immediate services. The tension springs (if handled unprofessionally) can cause serious injury that may result in the person’s death. 

Repairing Broken Cables 

Cables are an essential part of a garage door. Without functional cables, your garage door doesn’t work efficiently, and if the cables are completely broken, then the door becomes inoperable. With the help of springs, garage door cables pull the full weight of the shutter of the garage door. Consequently, the cables will weaken and break when enough time passes.

A major sign that your garage door cables need fixing is that the door isn’t hanging straight or only opening halfway. Considering the full weight of the garage door is on these cables, you need to hire a professional for the job rather than trying to fix them yourself.

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Panel Replacement 

This is usually reserved for times when there has been an accident or other natural calamity that often ruins the garage door. Whether your car bumped into the door, your kids/pets played with it, or some natural disaster ruined it- you need to replace the panel. 

Even slight damage can render a garage door inoperable. For instance, if a kid accidentally runs into it, you wouldn’t think it damaged the door. However, the impact makes the cables or springs more likely to damage. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to redesign your garage door by installing a new one. You can contact a licensed garage door repairperson, and they can help you replace the components such as the panels. This will save you time and money and give you a garage door in mint condition. Be sure to hire a professional for the panel/hardware replacement.

Broken Tracks Repair

When your garage door doesn’t close properly or open, it means that door tracks are broken or bent. This damage can vary from replacement or repair; there is no in-between. 

Broken tracks require inspection first, and you need to make sure that the company you have hired will prioritize repairing them first. Many companies prefer to get their commission rates and insist on replacing the broken tracks instead of focusing on their repair. 

The main sign of a bent or broken track is that you see a hitch each time you press the opener. Bent tracks put unnecessary pressure on your other components and then they are at risk of getting damaged too. 

Getting a straightforward realignment is enough to fix the problem in most situations.

Security Sensors Repair 

This is for the garage doors that have this upgraded feature. Security sensors are there to stop the garage door opener from functioning if something is blocking their way. They are sensitive and prone to being misaligned. This isn’t a serious repair that affects the overall functionality of a garage door, but if it’s left unchecked, it may lead to bigger problems.

Also, it quickly becomes bothersome when you constantly get blocked because your security sensor needs fixing. Luckily, this issue has an easy fix; hire a professional to do a simple realignment check. A professional is necessary because an inexperienced individual will likely get it wrong and ruin how the sensors work.

Broken Drums Repair 

A broken drum is not as common a repair. A garage drum is located in the upper corner areas of the doorframe. These little metal wheels roll the cables (which lift and drop your garage door), and they require maintenance to be functional. 

There isn’t a significant reason behind their malfunction. They usually need a straightforward replacement since they can damage from regular wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about broken drums for a while when you get new ones.

Hiring Professionals to Perform these Repairs is Important

If you need any of these repairs done, you need to contact a professional with the experience and knowledge to handle them properly. Doing these repairs by yourself will likely result in severe injuries or your garage doors becoming inoperable. 

When you hire professionals, you can rest easy knowing they are handling it efficiently and ensuring the process is safe. Inexperienced workers don’t often have the right knowledge, and they may end up ruining your garage door, which is counterproductive.

Many companies offer repair services, but only some are reliable and trustworthy. Hiring a trustworthy company will ensure that they prioritize repairing and giving you excellent services instead of focusing on getting their money. 

Bottom Line

When you know about different garage door repairs, you can recognize the initial symptoms and immediately contact an expert company before it worsens. 

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