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Is Your Commercial Garage Door Securing Your Business?


Most people would agree that the security of their home is of great importance.

Now more than ever, security systems have become popular. In addition to alarm systems and camera security homeowners are cracking down on their homes first defense, the doors.

Wooden doors are becoming rarer and the durability of garage doors is of greater focus. This makes sense because who wouldn’t want their families and personal belongings protected against intruders and natural disasters. However, the family home isn’t the only building that requires strong defenses.

Business owners should be equally concerned with the well being of property kept at their work establishment.

Protecting the Money Maker Garage Door

Whether you own an industrial warehouse, a small retail store, or a restaurant your income is dependent on your product. This obviously means that whatever you’re keeping in your place of business is of great importance to you and your success. So, you should be focused on keeping those goods safe and secure.

The ways that often come to mind are security cameras, maybe a few on-site guards, but the quality of the commercial garage door that stands between your inventory and criminals is often overlooked. That’s a big deal because older garage doors weren’t built with the sort of materials and technology currently employed.  

Antiquated doors make your business easier to break into, updating commercial garage doors is a worthwhile investment because it makes it harder for your inventory to be stolen or damaged.

Having an up to date commercial garage door doesn’t just protect your products from external sources but it can also protect them from internal sources such as temperature. For example, insulated garage doors can maintain an air-conditioned temperature within your businesses building. This feature is particularly important for any materials that can become damaged with exposure to high temperatures.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a certain temperature within, say a warehouse, because the cold air escapes from poorly fitted garage doors. That can add up to be a costly expense which is a result of more electricity and energy being spent moderating the temperature within the space. Insulated thermacore doors provide a solution to this problem by ensuring a sufficient seal.

These doors are also capable of wind load resistance and air infiltration. Air infiltration can also be important for the security of your business-related belongings because it pertains to the concept of air circulation into and out of the building. This is what affects the temperature regulation previously mentioned. However, the prevention of air infiltration isn’t the only pertinent aspect of insulated thermal resistant doors, wind load resistance also plays a large part in the security of your business.

Damage Control with Your Garage Doors

The importance of having wind load resistant doors securing your business is paramount to making it unscathed through natural disasters. Wind load resistance is essentially how much pressure from wind the door can withstand without succumbing to any damage. During hurricane and tornado seasons in particular this is exceptionally useful for protecting your property from external forces out of human control.

This might seem like prepping for a freak accident, but wind damage is a lot more common than one would assume. Besides, if you have a door that is easily bent by the wind then you’ll definitely need to buy another one after the storm. If this happens once or twice you’re spending a lot of money fixing and replacing garage doors when the initial investment of an insulated garage door with wind load resistance could save you all those expenses in the long run.  

Another major expense that could arise from unexpected circumstances is that of fire damage. Every business owner’s nightmare is their own personal empire going up in flames and that might very well be a hard thing to think about however it does happen and it’s something to prepare for. Assuming the location is already equipped with fire alarms and insurance is all well and good if the fire starts from within the building.

But what if a nearby fire spreads towards your business and tries to take it down with it? Having the proper door in place to protect what is in inside the building can be the difference between a simple scare and a catastrophe. For this reason, it should be a top priority to ensure that your commercial garage door is up to fire standards. It’s a good idea to make sure that in the event of a fire your valuables will be safe behind a protective steel barrier.

Commercial Garage Doors Styles of Security

It’s clear that any business owner would want their establishment to be properly protected but what about appearances. Although the general security and efficiency of a commercial building is important so is how it looks from the outside. A sturdy and innovative commercial garage door may be useful, but it shouldn’t detract from the overall style and look of the building. Not to be concerned there are actually multiple options that provide pleasant to look at garage doors for businesses that are equally practical.

For heavily frequented locations where the thermal control and insulation isn’t as important as the overall strength of the door a rolling shutter door could be a great option. These come in different colors that can be a chic addition to the outside of your establishment and still provide the protection to your inventory that is essential to running your business.

There are also different styles besides a rolling shutter that can be used to protect your business. For example, if the area you are trying to enclose is a countertop opening there are countertop doors in many different colors and styles. Even though you won’t be spending a whole lot of time staring at the closed garage door of your establishment, any foot traffic that passes by while closed will.

If you have a more attractive garage door with a fashionable color that matches the rest of your building it is in turn more likely that they will wonder what exactly is being stored behind the door. Although that might initially sound like inviting criminals to try and break in, that’s not the common response from potential customers when they see a nicely presented building where even the garage doors match.

Looking put together is key for a successful business front and you should have plenty of confidence in the structure and strength of the door itself to keep out any unwelcomed attention. But overall, regardless of what the business is, looking into more durable and fashionable commercial garage doors is a good way to ensure the safety of the building and businesses’ inventory.

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