Are You Looking For The Best Garage Door Company in Tampa Bay?

Are You Looking For The Best Garage Door Company in Tampa Bay?


It is not every day that you are out looking for a high quality garage door. Ideally, a garage door should last you for several years to come. It should also have all the features and qualities to make you feel safe, which is why you shouldn’t risk getting a garage door from just any garage door company. 

Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™ is a reputable company when it comes to garage doors. They have been operating for several years. The company first started its business in 1921 and since then has helped several homes get the best garage doors. Their service and product feature high quality. They have garage doors for all kinds of homes, industrial areas, and other spaces. 

They understand the importance of safety and this is why they are persistent that only experts install their premium-made garage doors. They provide different types of garage doors, and also provide the accessories that come with them. You can get high-quality garage door openers from them and enjoy the experience. 

If you get any of their garage doors installed, you can also count on them to repair your garage door for you. Repairing can include the replacement of the machine itself or the complete garage door. Their experts can be connected through deals in that area. If you feel like you need expert help, you can reach out to their dealers and get an appointment. 

Garage Doors Offered 

Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™ offers garage doors of all materials, styles, and even colors. Here are some of their most commonly requested garage doors: 

Envy Collection 

The envy collection is a modern garage door made out of aluminum. This garage door is a futuristic design that works great for modern homes. The aluminum garage door is a full view frameless design so you don’t need to install any frame. 

Allura Collection 

If you want to ensure that your driveway is not open for unwanted guests, you must request a garage door from the Allura collection. The Allura collection has sturdy garage doors that restrict access to the driveway. These doors are built keeping safety standards in mind. The enclosure is water-resistant which means that these doors will last you a long time and withstands extreme temperatures. The design is sleek and fits well within the modern home aesthetic.   

Modern Aluminum 

If you want to go for an ultra-sleek look you can opt for the modern aluminum door from the company. They offer aluminum glass doors with an aesthetically pleasing design. For contemporary-style homes, old-fashioned garage doors are a misfit. This is why you should opt for modern aluminum doors. These doors come in different sizes so you can get one customized to your requirements. These doors are very durable and do not corrode even in extreme temperatures.  

Courtyard Collection 

Have you always fancied the combination of wood and steel, then you must go for the Courtyard collection? This collection offers doors that are a combination of paneled wood and steel fixtures. They have insulated steel construction that helps you maintain temperatures within your home. In addition to that, these doors follow a classic style that many users yearn for. If you want durability and a classic garage door, the Courtyard collection is the best fit for you. 

Impression Steel 

These garage doors are entirely made out of steel and are insulated to give you high functionality. The style follows large sections and is very close to the traditional style. You can find different styles in these types of doors such as plain arched, Stockton, and others. 

Thermacore Insulated 

If you are looking for the best thermal efficiency, you must choose Thermacore .The company has come up with a design that sandwiches polyurethane in-between metal sheets to offer maximum thermal efficiency.   These doors are very durable and the perfect choice for people living in extreme temperatures. These doors also protect from air infiltration, which is of importance. 

Carriage House Collection 

Carriage house collection doors provide style with durability. If you are looking for a garage door that falls in sync with the carriage house exterior, then this collection is the best fit for you. You can choose different stains and finishes to personalize these garage doors as per your liking. Real estate agents have claimed that these doors increase the curb appeal of your doors.  

Signature Carriage 

This door collection gives users a lot of options. These designs are the embodiment of luxury and can surely amplify the curb appeal of your home. The doors are not only about the aesthetic but are highly durable and made precisely to withstand the weather and the test of time. If you are searching for a door that is stylish, durable, and customized, you must get help from Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™. The company extends its services to residential homes, commercial buildings and even industrial uses. If you are building your home from scratch or opting for a renovation, Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay™ can be the best solution for your garage doors.

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