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4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Garage


In a world where innovation rules and everything can be used in ulterior ways, why not change up how you use your garage?

With all that driveway space and those modern transportation apps you may not have an absolute need to store your vehicle in your garage anyway.

So why not transform that space into something more useful for your lifestyle? Worried about the noise or temperature? No need, with insulated garage doors you can ensure that the garage space temperature can be moderated just as easily as the rest of the house and that very limited street noise will make its way inside.

The following are some practical rooms that a garage can easily be turned into.

1. Turn Your Garage in to an Extra Bedroom

A great way to use garage space is by converting it into an additional bedroom. Maybe you’ve outgrown the home you live in but can’t quite afford to spend the money and time finding a new location. Or maybe you simply want a nice guest bedroom to offer families and friends when they stay over. Perhaps neither are the case and you would like a bedroom to rent out and make some extra money off of. Regardless of the reason, an extra bedroom is easy to make from a garage.

First replace the old and noisy garage door with a new and insulated one. This is important so that there is some temperature and noise control in the space. Then you could either change up the flooring with some wood paneling or possibly a chic imitation tile. If you’d rather not spend that much money on the flooring, you can always accent the alternative concrete flooring of the bedroom with some patterned rugs.

The great thing about personalizing the garage space into an extra bedroom is that the garage door itself can act either as a stationary wall, a large window in the summer, or if you go for an aluminum-glass garage door a source of natural light. Not only would an aluminum glass garage door provide a nice sense of openness and light inside the room, but it would also make the exterior of your home appear more modern.

2. Turn Your Garage in to a Studio

Are you or a family member artistic? Transforming a garage space into a studio for music, dance, painting, or any artistic medium can be fairly easy and provide an outlet for you to explore creative talents. In these cases, having a garage door as one of the walls can be especially useful because once it’s opened it provides a lot of natural light. You can leave a traditional garage door for a music studio, allowing for the old school garage band feel or you can replace it with an insulated garage door for better acoustics. Same goes for turning your garage space into a dance studio.

You could include an insulated garage door in addition to the mirror spanning the length of a wall so that the music is louder. Or you could use any variety of garage doors that open and allow for natural light and an outdoor breeze while practicing. If the garage is being turned into an art studio that involves painting, drawing or something where natural light is ideal, there are a few options. You could obviously leave a traditional garage door and just open up the whole thing while working which would let in a whole lot of natural light.

But, if you’d rather moderate the amount of natural light being let in then it might be a good idea to opt for a garage door with a lot of windows that allow some natural light to be let in but not as much as if you were to open it entirely. Choosing the right garage door for your new studio is similar to picking the medium of art to practice, it needs to match your style and you have to love it, everything else will fall into place.

3. Turn Your Garage in to a Game room

A game room is a really fun way to convert a garage. Whether this is a game room for the children or for the adults is entirely up to what’s best for your family. You could switch up the garage door to have a few windows, add a pool table, a sitting area for board games, a mini fridge, maybe even an air hockey table for good measure if space allows.

This would be a great environment for teenagers to hang out and enjoy the allusion of being out of the house while still being under your roof. Or if your children are a lot younger you can set up a whole area of puzzles and easy to clean flooring for the inevitable mess of snacks, giving them a place to play and you some peace of mind. Better yet, the game room can be entirely for you.

A windowless garage door would be ideal for hanging up a large screen TV and never worrying about glare, or a poker table, or a mini bar for friends to gather around. A sturdy steel garage door provides the security and protection needed for the fourth wall but what about outside noises. If you would like the game room to be less prone to street noise, investing in an insulated garage door could be the cherry on top of the perfect game room.

4. Turn Your Garage in to Storage Space

Maybe your house already has every room it needs and more stuff than you can fit in it. Well one great way to utilize the garage is by making it a storage space. There are many different reasons one would need a storage space; maybe you have a side business from home and need somewhere to store the inventory, maybe you have children away at college that don’t want their stuff thrown away, but their rooms have already been converted, maybe you’re just really sentimental people.

For whatever reason you may need some extra storage space the garage is a great place to build it. You can put in some shelving all along the walls and finally get as organized as you’ve always wanted. In fact, you can even put shelving in front of the garage door if you don’t plan on using it as a garage again.

Instead of spending money turning the old garage door opening into a wall just make sure you have a strong garage door and leave it closed and locked. That way, if you ever decide to sell some of those things or close up shop you still have the option of making it a functional garage again.

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