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10 Common Questions about Garage Door Openers


We are your garage door and garage door opener experts in the Tampa, Florida area.

As such, we have answers to almost every question about garage door openers. In fact, we have probably heard them all! 

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 questions we hear about garage door openers and our expert answers!

1. Are there multiple types of garage door openers on the market?

Absolutely! If you have a trolley garage door opener, there are two main models out there – chain drive and belt drive. 

Chain drive garage door openers often feature a chain and metal cable, but some are fully chain driven systems. Fully chain driven models are considered a premium, high-quality option.

Belt drive garage door openers use a metal-reinforced belt made of rubber. The benefit of belt driven models is how quiet they are when they operate. These models are popular in homes where bedrooms or living areas are near the garage, or in garages with an apartment above.

2. Does one size motor fit all? 

Definitely not. In the US, there are two models typically found in residential garages – the ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower motors. 

A properly balanced garage door should not weigh (the amount of force required to lift) very much at all. A good balance will require about eight to ten pounds of lift. The door opener replaces the muscle required to lift the garage door.

A ¾ horsepower garage door opener motor can create up to 350 pounds of lift and can close with the same pressure. 

3. Can I just buy a garage door opener at the store?

Most hardware and big box stores have garage door openers on the shelf. While this may seem like a convenience, it is far better to speak with a professional garage door installer.

Of course, it may seem a little biased for us to tell you that but the garage door openers available at the store are less than ideal for residential garages that are opened and closed multiple times a day.

Give us a call if you need a new garage door opener (or if you need one repaired). We can evaluate the space, your door, and give our expert opinion on what door opener is best for your needs.

4. Can I install the garage door opener myself?

It is certainly possible to install your own garage door opener if you are handy. Those wishing to install the opener themselves should consider the complexity of the job before taking on the task.

A better option would be to contact us and have an expert install the opener. Our team is skilled at any residential garage door and door opener installation. Why spend time, energy, and possibly be frustrated when you can call a professional?

5. Is my garage door vulnerable to intrusion when I am not home?

This common question highlights how important safety and security are to homeowners. Any time you are away from home or in bed for the night, you want the assurance that no one can enter your garage uninvited.

There are multiple ways you can be confident your door is secure at all times. First, contact a professional to be sure your door and opener are properly installed. 

Many models of door opener have an on/off setting that can disallow remote control access to the door. This can help prevent any thieves from hacking your door with a code guessing device. 

A rudimentary method for securing your garage when you are away involves unplugging the opener when you leave for extended periods of time.

6. The power went out and now my remote does not work. Can I reprogram it?

Reprogramming your garage door opener remote usually involves climbing up to the opener and reviewing the directions for reprogramming. You can also look up your make and model on the internet for easier access to the instructions.

7. My door will not close and keeps reversing to open. What is the problem?

North American garage doors are required to have two auto-reversal systems installed. This regulation was enacted in 1993 to prevent injury due to doors closing on people. 

In most cases where the door reverses seemingly for no reason, the photocell has gone out of alignment. After realigning the cells, your door should work properly again.

If you are unable to get your door to close after attempting to align the photocells, call us for help! 

8. If the power goes out will I be able to open my garage door?

Some models have a battery backup system that can allow for a day or so of normal opening and closing. If not, you can manually open your door.

9. Are there any apps that will allow me to open my garage door with my phone?

Yes! There are apps that can make it possible to open your garage door from anywhere you may go. This can be essential if someone needs access to your home or if you would like to have a package placed inside.

10. How much does a new garage door opener usually cost?

The price will vary based on the model of opener you decide to install. The cost of installation also varies based on the type of project.

Call us for more specifics on how much a new door or opener might cost. We can provide estimates and work with you on what you need for your project.

Reach Out with More Questions

Of course, there could be a question you have that is not listed here. Contact us to discuss anything about garage doors, door openers, or garages in general.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your garage needs!

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