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10 Best Garage Door Openers in 2020

destiny 1500 garage door opener

Garage door openers have been around for decades now. However, technological advancements have revolutionized the stuttering legacy version of the mechanism.

Garage door openers you get these days are easy to use and quieter than their predecessors. The best part is, you can even operate the modern garage doors using your own voice. 

That said, before you put your shopping hat on to get one of these garage tech marvels of the 21st century, you must familiarize yourself with the features you must look for in a garage door opener. There are various brands and variants available for you to find a combination of affordability, best features, and ease of installation.

10 Best Garage Door Openers

Here are the ten best garage door openers that you can consider installing in your home garage. 

1. Infinity 2000

If you are looking for a powerful and compact garage door opener without any noise, Infinity 2000 offers you all that and more. This is a wall-mount device with battery backup and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. If you have a garage with a low ceiling, the wall-mounting feature makes it an ideal solution for you. 

Infinity 2000 comes with a 24V DC motor with the power to lift any garage door of up to 850 pounds. You will also get a CodeDodger security system that means each time you use your remote; it will use a new code to operate the garage door, helping prevent anyone from breaking in using their cloned device. 

Moreover, the Safe T-Beam of this device makes it safe for children and pets as the door stops lowering as soon as the infrared beam breaks due to any obstruction. 

2. Chamberlain‘s C410

If you are a fan of chain drive garage door openers, you will like C-410 by Chamberlain. Simply put, its reputation precedes it for lifting heavy garage gate due to its lifting power. Moreover, if you know your garage doors well, you will agree that chain drive mechanisms have established themselves as one of the most reliable techs in the garage door openers area. 

C-410 offers a long remote range of 1500 ft in any direction from your property. It has a built-in posi-lock, meaning you can only use your garage door opener using your remote. Most importantly, this technology is tamper-proof, so you get an added sense of security with this device. 

3. Destiny 1500

This garage door opener retains a direct drive system with ultimate power, robustness, and reliability. It has built-in Wi-Fi, and you can control it via your smartphone app. With a decent battery backup and all that power, Destiny 1500 can lift a 14 ft high sectional garage door and an 8ft high single-piece door. 

This device has a 140V DC power motor, and its door opening speed can reach up to 12” per second. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime drive screw and motor warranty, and you can get five years warranty on limited parts and one year on accessories. 

4. Odyssey 1200

If you have a sectional garage door that is 14 ft high or a one-piece door up to 80 ft, Odyssey 1200 is a perfect candidate for your needs. This device comes with a 140V DC motor and practically noise-free operation. 

The maximum garage door opening speed reaches 10” per second, and it works on both 315 and 390 MHz Frequency. 

The DoorDetect technology allows this opener to use an optimal amount of energy to open the heaviest doors and stops immediately if it detects anyone in close proximity to prevent incidents – thanks to the Safe T-Beam system

This device is maintenance free as there are no gears, belts, or chains to wear off. Moreover, you will not need to lubricate it to operate smoothly. You can get a lifetime warranty on the motor and drive screw, a one-year warranty on accessories, and five years warranty for limited parts. 

5. Destiny 1200

Are you looking for a quiet garage door opener? Get yourself a Destiny 1200 as not only is it noise-free, but it has a great battery backup and offers a smooth mechanism via chain-drive or belt. 

The 140V DC motor provides it the power to lift the heaviest doors. You also get the DoorDetect motion detection technology, which is ideal if you have pets and children at home. 

This device has Wi-Fi capabilities, and you can use your smartphone to control it. The manufacturer offers several warranties on this product: one year on accessories, five years on limited parts and limited chain, and a limited lifetime warranty on gearbox and motor. 

6. Odyssey 1000

Another Odyssey marvel garage door opener. This device is incredibly quiet, and you can use a belt or chain-drive system to operate it. The Odyssey 1000 has a 140V DC motor that gives this garage door opener its speed and power. 

This door opener comes with the CodeDodger security system, the DoorDetect monitoring, and Safe T-Beam Protection. Moreover, you will get added safety and ease-of-use with a two-bulb lighting system with two 100W bulbs. 

With Odyssey 1000, you get a limited lifetime warranty on gearbox and motor, a 15-year warranty on a narrow belt, five years warranty on limited parts, and a year’s warranty on accessories. 

7. Legacy 920

If you are looking for a garage door opener with an OHD anywhere technology with a great battery backup, why not buy the Legacy 920? This devices uses both belt or chain-drive mechanism and offers a noise-free operation. 

The 24V DC motor durable and powerful enough to lift a door weighing up to 500 pounds, plus it has a soft start-and-stop function and a gate opening speed of up to 7” per second. 

You get the self-diagnostic Safe T-Beam and CodeDodger security systems. The built-in light system illuminates your garage, and you can use either a LED or CFL light bulbs. You can also look at other variants by the same manufacturer, such as Legacy 650 and Legacy 850.  

8. LiftMaster 1355

Say goodbye to rail assembly as this 12 HP chain drive garage door opener by LiftMaster offers lower-powered motors at only 0.5 HP but with efficiency. This device has impressive fast change encryption that will prevent anyone from cloning your encryption key as it changes every time you open or closes your garage door. 

LiftMaster 1355 comes with a 4-year warranty with one year for parts. MyQ feature allows you to swap to an app control if you decide to convert it over in the future. 

9. Genie Silent Max 1200

If the name Genie alone does not get you all excited, here is a cool feature about Silent Max 1200 that will. The remote for this garage door opener works on 315 and 390 MHz simultaneously. 

Why is it important? Because sooner or later, one of the frequencies may get blocked, but the other will prevent your car from being stuck in the garage as the remote frequency suddenly becomes redundant.

Apart from that, this device can lift your garage door to 7 feet height, so if you have a shining SUV that needs parking, no problem with Silent Max 1200. You can also use the smart set program to set the door’s raising height instead of having to fool around with the up and down keys on your remote. 

10. NEXX Garage – NXG-100

The NXG-100 is a remote compatible garage door opener by NEXX Garage. Now you can open, shut, monitor your garage door remotely from anywhere in the world. You can trace all the garage door openers activities in a secure log. 

Moreover, the administration console on this device allows you to assign privileges to others such as family, kids, or caregivers, etc., to operate your garage door using the multi-user option. Whenever your garage door opens, this garage door opener will send you a push notification on your smartphone in real-time. 

You can use the voice activation feature to control your garage door opener with a voice command. 

The Take-Away

The features in garage door openers vary by brands and models. Therefore, you must consider your needs and preferences first before buying one. 

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